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Louise Bauso

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The most important thing about me is that i’m  Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile and that i’m very too talkative, I was born in a specific day of a year, I had lived in a country for about 11 years, in school I likeded art and out of school I likeded to play games at home, i’m particularly good at sports any kind he longest I put my effort into the sport, I became good at sports because they are full of enjoyment and  fun to play and you get  to be in teams and compete against other teams. In the future, I would like to be an olympian of a certain sports, I dream of winning a golden medal in one or in a few events in the olympians national events.
My life change when immigrated a lot mostly family wise cause I only had a few cousins in the us but they weren’t that close to me like my grandparents and cousin i left behind. My family structed change with love in other words we keep in touch with does we left behind and talk to them about how different it was being in the us and the incredible views of the city that we saw. The changes i’m happiest about is everything cause I learned thing I didn’t knew and also a new language. Know that I speak english and can understand people feel great even though sometimes I wish I didn’t understand what some people be saying but sometimes knowing two language is an advantage over everything and it’s never wrong to speak the way you feel controllable.

There was a time I witnessed an injustice. This was the time when i was in 7th grade it was a fight two girls against one I don’t remember their names but it was just unfair two against one it was just wild in my opinion.

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