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  • The emphasis on civic education as a tool for understanding and challenging these issues is both empowering and necessary for fostering positive change. Overall, the story offers a thought-provoking perspective on the importance of addressing past injustices and promoting inclusive urban environments.

  • While reading over your opinion piece, I had realized that both you and I used the same literary lense which was interesting to me due to the fact that no one else in my class did. Your essay is beautifully written! I do wonder why you chose Marxism though? Why did that feel like the right lense to use while reading?

  • Though I truly believe that you wrote this essay extremely well, I wanted to mention the cover that you chose to use. Not only is it very nice, it has a sad undertone making it align nicely with your essay. I really enjoy the correlation between your essay and your cover photo.

  • Your story powerfully exposes the enduring legacy of systemic inequalities in Atlanta’s urban planning. By combining historical, sociological, and political dimensions, you illustrate how infrastructure like Interstate 20 perpetuates segregation and cements inequality within the city’s foundation.

  • Your story is a powerful testament to the importance of fairness, justice, and unity in the face of tragedy. The unwavering commitment to upholding these principles, despite the challenging circumstances, is truly admirable. Their call to action to embrace diversity and work towards a society where everyone is treated equally is both inspiring and…Read More

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