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    Anxiety-riddled 8-year-old with wide eyes and a scared mind. Waking up every morning not being able to breathe and literally crawling into my clothes. Dreading every moment I’m away from the security of four w

  • I like this little personal post. It let’s people into your own little world. It’s always nice having a little place we can go to get away from the worries of the world. I personally like going to the zoo and watching the wolves.

  • Staring off with numbers gets the attention of some people and it was a good way to start. The article was well structured and including a source made it more credible. I feel that if you were to include more examples from those who are extroverts and introverts it would make your article more appealing. Other than that you did a great job. Do you…[Read more]

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    Your targeted audience is a great place to start, your going directly to the source. The two body paragraphs you have really capture your message and get it across. Including direct quotes also helps bring about your message. You could include stories from immigrant families or those who know immigrant families. Also, your way of raising awareness…[Read more]