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  • afonseca

Dear Alberto, Alejandro and Aaron This is a great topic to talk about, I liked how you guys connected all the cases and also ICE since most of our community is immigrant. I liked how you guys focused in Oakland and give statistics, also how you guys used pathos and...

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Children Are Not For Sale View Comment
  • @afonseca
  • May 29, 2018

Dear Jennifer, Melody and francisco, I appreciated that you guys share this with us, since it's a big issue not only in Oakland it's all over the world. I liked the fact that you guys add logos, pathos and ethos. This is a very interested topic but I feel you...

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Feel it Still View Comment
  • @afonseca
  • March 23, 2018

Dear Christina, This is so powerful! Wow I'm literally speechless, It's too sad to read this and realize the type of things you had to go through. But you are a strong person because you had the courage to share this type of topics with us. Thank you for...

Dear Yaqui, This post is so powerful!! You had the courage to share with us the things that you feel and that is really hard because not many people are so strong to talk about this topics since for to many people this kind of topics are a...

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