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    Why is the United States responding so poorly to wearing masks in comparison to the rest of the world?

    In this global pandemic, many Americans refuse to follow the mandated wearing of masks to prevent further infection. This is an exceptionally different reaction than most other first-world countries in the world. After reading BBC’s “Coronavirus: Why are Americans...

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    • This is a very interesting topic. It’s crazy to me to see people not wearing a mask and to also see poeple not wearing a mask at big gathering spots. I do wish we as a nation had more trust in our national government to take care of this.

    • I agree with you, Alexandra! In such a time like this, wearing a mask can protect life. Whether you know them personally or not we as a nation should take one for the team and wear a mask when in public spaces or gatherings for the safety of our fellow Americans at high risk. When discussing the topic of nationalism or trust in our national government I think it absolutely starts with the presentation of our president. Mr. Trump is the leader of this nation and if he isn’t taking this seriously and promoting wearing a mask then why would millions of our public disagree? With knowing the effects and number of fatalities in the world today, we should be aware of how our actions affect others around us. Believe it or not, we are all tied together from some kind of connection whether it be friends, family, co-workers, deliveries, manufacturing…etc. We all depend on each other for one reason or another and it’s safe to say we have poorly responded to the global pandemic when it comes to initial prevention.

      Thank you Alexandra for your informative post! I look forward to your future writings and comments


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