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  • Hi Maggie! Great essay! It’s so important to illuminate issues as relevant and vital as gender inequality in our society. Giving specific statistics to back your argument and further solidify your thesis, I think you composed this essay wonderfully.

  • Alexandra commented on the post, American Means Impact

    Hi Julian! Great essay! I really liked how you incorporated several different outlooks on what people define as being “American”. If I had any advice, it would be to make the essay sound a little more professional. For example, instead of saying “She is basically saying, to be American is to have an impact on your country.” You could try to use…Read More

  • It’s so important to shed the light on every aspect of children being separated from their parents. When reading these articles, majority of people think about how disgusting it is for detention centers to get away with this, but you dove deeper into the mental consequences this can have on a child. Thank you for writing this.

  • Nicolette, fantastic post! I totally agree with your statement of “With reopenings came a popular mindset that other aspects of life should return to “normal” as well, leading to more playdates, time in large groups, sports, and activities out of school.” It’s barely safe to go back to school, and even more unsafe to break social distancing gui…Read More

  • Alexandra commented on the post, Titanic II

    Cristina, great post! I’ve only seen the movie “Titanic” once, but the thought of a twin model terrifies me. I don’t think I’m brave enough to ride the Titanic 2.0, but it would be super cool to experience what other Americans experienced in 1912. It’s really interesting to me that this ship is taking the same route as the original Titanic,…Read More

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