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    Coralie, your poem was so touching. You painted a picture and internalized it for every human being. It takes serious courage to write poetry and I am very impressed. I could feel the words you were speaking and was able to tell there was a story behind them. Keep up the great work.
    -Anna Drossos

  • Angelica, I found your topic so interesting! Walt Disney was so inspirational for so many people, but it is easy for use to glamorize someone who seems to have anything. Do you think his personal issues affected the dark themes or early Disney movies? Here is a link you might like,…[Read more]

  • This was the most important thing I read this week because it discussed the difference between mass murderers and serial killers. Based on personal experience these two phrases commonly get mixed up, however,

    • This is very interesting. Why do you think that society glorifies serial killers and not mass murderers too? Why do you think we glorify either of these at all? I feel like all of the recent documentaries are contributing majorly to the glorification, however, I also see the value in watching them. I think they can teach us a lot, but unfortunately I think they shine a brighter light on these horrible crimes.

    • I really like this as it really brings up something that bugs me when people talk about how these people have no fame as there is no reason for it. People like this are idolized because they can get away with it and that they tend to get the girl in the process of doing so.
      Specifically, there is a youtube video called serial killers aren’t sexy, which really annoyed me. Ted Bundy was able to do what he did because he was an all-American hottie (idk what else to call it.) He was charming, which is what I think people tend to idolize about these people, because they tend to be the most extreme cases of being charming and attractive because they were so charming and so attractive that they got away with it, not the crimes that they did. No one really idolizes someone like John Wayne Gacy because there isn’t much to idolize there.

    • Anna, This is one of my favorite things to read about I am obsessed with crime stories and I really thought I knew about all this but reading this I had no idea. I really did not know the difference between the two, I thought that mass murders were just someone that killed a bunch of people. Adding onto what Miriam said do you think that the movies and shows about murders draws too much attention and actually makes the problem of serial killers and mass murders worse?

  • Jose, I thought you did a great job of bringing attention to bullying, an issue that is well known, but few people do anything about it. I also thought it was interesting how you had a call to action. I agree that teachers, parents, and peers need to look out for bullying. Maybe purpose more options to contradict and prevent bullying. Here is an…[Read more]

  • Amani, I thought your paper flowed very well and helped the reader understand the source you referred to. I found Chomsky’s Theory of Language Acquisition incredibly intriguing. I think it is very important to further research this topic for your paper. Similarly, I think it is great that you are discussing bilingual education. Knowing multiple…[Read more]

  • This article focused on the effect that the public has on victims’ families. We commonly think of serial killers and something so random it is fascinating. However, this article took a deeper look at the effects.

    • Anna, I think this is a very interesting topic and I would love to hear more about this. I had never thought of the idea that the glorification of serial killers would have such a negative effect of the families, but that is a very important thing to consider. I particularly liked when you said that “Newspapers have killers faces on the cover, Netflix is creating television shows about them, and children are being raised in a world where they are worshiped.” Here is an article you might find interesting: https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/10/the-grisly-all-american-appeal-of-serial-killers/381690/

    • Anna, I think that this was a super interesting area to research. You briefly brought up the idea of “glorification” which I think is totally true. If you were to look at the past few years in popular culture, there are movies about Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, serial kidnappers, pedophiles, and so much more. I think the increase in these types of works are due to the fact that there’s a disconnect with time and also human’s morbid perversion with deranged people. From now, I need to pay attention to how much I also glorify these people. This might be an cool source to check out. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/wicked-deeds/201710/our-curious-fascination-serial-killers

    • Anna, I love the topic you chose. In general, society tends to glorify the violent most likely due to morbid curiosity. In addition to serial killers, we see this frequently in the news with horrific events such as mass shootings. When a mass shooting occurs the public immediately wants to know details about the person responsible, which results in glorification of the killer.

    • I never really looked at this perspective when it came to serial killers because of how society portrays them. I like that you shed a light on the victims families because they lost someone very dear to them. Society just wants to make money through shows and movies. I recently saw this through the upcoming movie about the zodiac killer with Zac Efron.

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    Hatou, I think you did a great job of integrating the theme of the book/ movie and the specific scene Throughout the book new stories encounter racism at every turn, and it makes people uncomfortable because it calls them out for what is wrong with our world. I really respect Atticus and his positions on issues. I think he is strong in his morals…[Read more]

  • Katherine, first of all, I love John Hughes so I loved your article. I loved the way you approached his work and intertwined it with your own opinion. Students often have difficulty relating to their superiors or those who seem to have power over them, so it was interesting to read about that. Just because people are young doesn’t mean that their…[Read more]

  • The beginning of this article focuses on how serial killers have infiltrated the media and gained popularity through television, movies, and the news. In fact, they go into how there are more fictional stories

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    Brian, I thought your article posed a lot of great ideas that definitely need to be heard. I thought your stories that included first hand experience with Oakland were fascinating. I enjoyed how you tried to make schools safer and propose new ideas that may serve as a compromise to both sides of gun control. I thought your suggestion for kids to…[Read more]

  • Connor, I thought you did a really good job addressing both sides of America’s history. I think addressing America’s flaws both past and present is a very important thing to do because we can learn from our mistakes. Here is an article you might find interesting focusing on America’s foreign policy mistakes. Do you think America has learned from…[Read more]

  • Gwen, I thought you did a great job discussing the topic and giving the reader a basic understanding of what “illogical” phobias are. I thought your sources were very reliable and therefore so was your information. It was a great start to your paper. My only suggestion would be to expand on what society classifies as logical or illogical. Have you…[Read more]

  • Since the 1970s when serial killers gained their popularity, people have found themselves fascinated with their macabre lives. Though no one wants to admit it, the interest with serial killers has increased due

    • Hey Anna,
      I really found your article to be very interesting. I know that personally, I find myself drawn to shows and information about serial killers, but I never really knew why. Many of these reasons that are things that I can definitely connect to. I would just wonder if there are any consequences to this new phenomenon, and if so, what can we do to prevent this? I hope to see more information from this topic from you.

    • This is very interesting. I personally know that I find serial killers and their stories very interesting and intriguing. It makes sense though now why many are drawn and it’s mostly because of the attention it is given on t.v, shows, and documentaries. You brought up the notion of that caring people always tend to ask and question why do such horrible things to someone. And I want to know if these people are interesting in serial killers too or do they just look for specific things in any case of a serial killer.

    • I’ve always been fascinated with topics like this, yet I did’t know why. Reading your article was really interesting to me, because I was unaware of the rationale behind people being intrigued with killers.

  • This is scene 1.3 lines 208 through 218 from the play Othello by Shakespeare. In this scene Desdemona is confronting her father after eloping with Othello. I am voicing Desdemona. I learned that the inflection

  • Jessica, thank you for sharing your viewpoint on this urgent matter in our society. I thought you made some very good points about how littering is becoming socially acceptable and why people think it’s okay to do this. I also thought the interviews in your piece of writing were used very well to support your point. Do you think it is the…[Read more]

  • Martin, I really enjoyed reading your article. I might recommend recognizing the other side to make your argument stronger. I would like to hear more reasoning for your connection between limiting free speech and online cyber bullying. There are some obvious connections, but clarifying them could really help your argument. Do you think that…[Read more]

  • In today’s society, we are witnessing the constant increase in surveillance. From cameras at stop lights and in stores, drones of the sky, and even the tracking of our online search history, technology has a

  • Ajonea,
    I found your analysis very interesting and agree with you that Baldwin makes a strong argument. African Americans are still feeling the wrath of racism and this topic is as relevant as it has ever been. While we have made strides toward equality, we are no where near perfection. To empower your writing even more read over it and edit out…[Read more]

  • I am incredibly impressed by your courage shown through your story. Your willingness to share will touch many lives and you have chosen a topic which is not talked about enough. I agree with what you said, most everyone struggles with self image and self confidence at times. I know I have. I found your use of repetition toward the end very…[Read more]

  • Ozzie, I found your input on your articles very intriguing. When you said, “While the number of deaths did decrease, it wasn’t solely because of the drinking age, it was a combination of seatbelt laws and tougher approaches to DUI’s,” I was very interested. Several people, in my personal experience, believe that the higher drinking age does aff…[Read more]

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