• This is scene 1.3 lines 208 through 218 from the play Othello by Shakespeare. In this scene Desdemona is confronting her father after eloping with Othello. I am voicing Desdemona. I learned that the inflection

  • Jessica, thank you for sharing your viewpoint on this urgent matter in our society. I thought you made some very good points about how littering is becoming socially acceptable and why people think it’s okay to do this. I also thought the interviews in your piece of writing were used very well to support your point. Do you think it is the…[Read more]

  • Martin, I really enjoyed reading your article. I might recommend recognizing the other side to make your argument stronger. I would like to hear more reasoning for your connection between limiting free speech and online cyber bullying. There are some obvious connections, but clarifying them could really help your argument. Do you think that…[Read more]

  • In today’s society, we are witnessing the constant increase in surveillance. From cameras at stop lights and in stores, drones of the sky, and even the tracking of our online search history, technology has a

  • Ajonea,
    I found your analysis very interesting and agree with you that Baldwin makes a strong argument. African Americans are still feeling the wrath of racism and this topic is as relevant as it has ever been. While we have made strides toward equality, we are no where near perfection. To empower your writing even more read over it and edit out…[Read more]

  • I am incredibly impressed by your courage shown through your story. Your willingness to share will touch many lives and you have chosen a topic which is not talked about enough. I agree with what you said, most everyone struggles with self image and self confidence at times. I know I have. I found your use of repetition toward the end very…[Read more]

  • Ozzie, I found your input on your articles very intriguing. When you said, “While the number of deaths did decrease, it wasn’t solely because of the drinking age, it was a combination of seatbelt laws and tougher approaches to DUI’s,” I was very interested. Several people, in my personal experience, believe that the higher drinking age does aff…[Read more]

  • I found your opinions and research on the death penalty very interesting. Specifically, when you said, “…capital punishment does not lower homicide rates,” I was incredibly intrigued because in my opinion, many people believe in the death penalty because of its effects. Do you believe that the death penalty is ever an acceptable way to deal with…[Read more]

  • While furthering my knowledge on gun control, I discovered many different stories and ideas that sparked my interests. I learned about Emma Gonzalez and her constant attempts to protest gun violence in schools and

    • Anna,

      I really enjoying reading your piece about gun violence and gun control. I like how you brought up a new side to the “is this unconstitutional?” debate, because while many argue that banning guns goes against the second amendment, we are also supposed to have the “right to live free of violence, discrimination and fear”, which is definitely not true now with the easy access to guns and many school shootings. I also like how you related it to your life and commented on the irony of people who say that teenagers don’t know much so they shouldn’t be included in the discussion, while in fact we are the ones being affected by school shootings and such. Lastly, I liked how you also clarified that weapons that were originally made for wartime are now being basically handed out because they are so easy to get a hold of.

      In the end, I think you did a great job in writing an argumentative piece about how youths’ voices are important in issues such as gun violence and how teenagers should not be afraid to speak their mind. One article related to this topic is “Young people can’t change US gun law alone – but they can tip the balance”, which you may be interested in reading. I am looking forward to reading more from you.


    • So, you used a lot of subjective ideas and feelings in this piece. You used very clever wordplay by saying “semiautomatic weapons”, very clever. Unfortunately for you, pretty much all weapons legal for private citizens are semiautomatic. Including handguns. Handguns make up most of the gun deaths in America, excluding suicides of course. Rifles (“Assault” Rifles are not a thing) hardly make up any of the homicides according to the FBI. You’re 4x more likely to be stabbed to death than being killed with a rifle. Banning or regulating firearms is a very horrid idea. The number of gun homicides in America per-year is around 33,000, 11,000 if you exclude suicides. Now, compare that to the number of lives saved by guns each year, which is anywhere between 500,000-3 million according to the CDC. Banning or regulating firearms is an asinine idea that will only hurt this country more.


      UPDATED: Mass Public Shootings keep occurring in Gun-Free Zones: 97.8% of attacks since 1950

      Unpublished CDC Study Supports Claim Of Over 2 Million Yearly Defensive Gun Uses

  • Jean Carlos, thank you for sharing your opinions on teenage depression. I found your research extremely easy to relate to because myself and many of my friends deal with depression as well. The symptoms you listed impact many lives and it is very important to know when medication is needed. Here is a source for further information…[Read more]

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    Natalia, I strongly encourage you to play soccer! I played for 8 years and it was a blast! Though it may not come easily at first, practicing will pay off. I related to when you discussed your amazement with soccer players skills. So many players are so incredibly talented and I love to see the cool tricks they can do. If you are considering…[Read more]

  • Sloane, thank you for informing me more about American culture. I strongly agree that America is a “melting pot” because every culture and their unique ideals makes up a integral part of who we are and our values as a society. America is diverse, and it thrives through our differences. A source you may want to look into for more information is…[Read more]

  • Lupita, thank you for giving me insight into your life. I found it so inspiring how you were able to recognize the difference between who you truly are and who other expect you to be (narratives and counter narratives as you called them). I really related to some of the stereotypical ideals you pointed out that people have against women. For…[Read more]

  • Tori, thank you for sharing your story. You brought up a topic that needs to be more widely discussed. I found your story incredibly easy to connect to because I have experienced similar things. A site that may help is https://www.webmd.com/anxiety-panic/features/coping-with-anxiety#1 . They help deal with anxiety. When you said, “I was told at 13…[Read more]

  • Adelphe, your article truly interested me. Within my lifetime the number of school shootings has increased tremendously and we as a society have become desensitized to these traumatic and barbaric events. As a teenager as well it is also mind boggling how people our age can gain access to guns so easily without any background checks. Have you…[Read more]

  • Also I was wondering what level of higher education you believe could extend lifespan?

  • Lining, your article truly fascinated me. I have never thought there could be a correlation between higher education and lifespan, though I can see how they could connect. I found it especially interesting because I am applying for college at the moment in order to further my education and therefore your findings directly affect me. I found a…[Read more]

  • You did a fantastic job of recognizing both sides of the argument. Perhaps you could end it with more of a question that keeps people thinking rather than stating what you learned. Great job though!

  • Climate change is a rapidly increasing problem that millions of people refuse to believe in. While we continue to debate if climate change is a real issue, our planet is dying due to the careless nature of mankind

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