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Say No to LGBT Discrimination!

Dear Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry: I am writing you to discuss your recent shutdown of an order to protect LGBT people from discrimination. I was wondering the reason why you don’t want a law that bans people from discriminating against the LGBT. Is it because you don’t see a use for it? Or is it because of religious beliefs? […]

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Gentrification Could be Hurting Oakland

Gentrification Could be Hurting Oakland   Gentrification has become a problem for many Oakland residents. Did you know that gentrification may be the of cause for homelessness rates to rise? Well according to East Bay Times, “The cost of housing was listed as the reason 57 percent became homeless” (Hedin). West Oakland residents are worried that they will one day […]

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Romeo & Juliet in the Modern World

Artist Statement Adrian Kelly For my modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I decided to draw the prologue of the book as a modern representation of gangs in Oakland. The topic I’m using is violence and gangs. The message is supposed to be along the lines of; It doesn’t always have to be so violent, there could be a […]

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My True Identity: Adrian Kelly

  Shadow Box Statement Adrian Kelly I didn’t really know what to put in my Shadow Box since I was pretty short on ideas. Now that I see my shadow box I can see that it represents my identity as a whole. The plushy represents my love in humor, and the flag represents my gender identity which is being transmale. […]

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