• Dear Yasmin

    I have noticed that you put a lot of time and effort into this blog and how every piece of evidence is relevant to your topic. One part of your blog that stood out was when you interviewed a 9 year child and how they even give their opinion and that you are not just asking adults about their thoughts but a also children too. I hope…[Read more]

  • Dear Ingrid

    I like how you show that landlords are increasing rents and which is terrible for low wage families and show that they are having a horrible impact to families and showing the reasoning behind why people leave Oakland to look for a better home. Something that stood out from your work is when you show that you interview families and…[Read more]

  • Do You Care About The Homeless In your Community?



    How many homeless people have you seen in Oakland? They are everywhere in the streets. There are tents with people who are homeless and don’t have mon

    • Estimado Adrian:

      Estoy muy encantada por su publicación, “Le gustan los sin techo de su comunidad,” porque me gusta como hablas de ayudar a las personas que no tienen un hogar por que son desalojados ya que la la renta de las casas son elevadas.

      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es: “Todo el mundo debe ayudar a las personas sin hogar aunque sólo sea un poco, porque un poco puede ayudar y algo poco puede ser grande.” Creo que esto es muy cierto, porque si apoyas a alguien con poquito esas personas pueden usar esa poquita ayuda para encontrar algo con lo que puedan sobrevivir y al menos pueden conseguir algo de comer.

      Gracias por su escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque me gusta mucho la forma que escribes y en la forma que te expresas, aparte me haces razonar con estas situaciones.

    • dear adrian ,
      you blog was really interesting to read. the picture of the dog caught my attention and made me feel so many emotions. i like how you included a chart to show the homelessness rates and all that. i just have one question for you : what made you choose this topic ?
      good job !

    • Adrian,

      This article was really helpful in understanding some of the commonly overlooked struggles of the homeless population. I really enjoyed how you did an interview with someone in your community; it shows that you’re truly committed to this problem and are actively seeking ways to help. In addition, the statistics you included effectively supported your argument and it gave a nice visual representation of the problem. Although this article was very well written, I would suggest that you go a bit deeper into the problem. Discuss a bit more about why people are homeless and active steps that our community can take to help this population. Here’s an article that you may find helpful https://www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/addiction.pdf

    • Dear Adrian,
      I am shocked with your post, “Do You Care About The Homeless In Your Community”, because although many do not want to believe it, it is the ugly truth. Living in the Bay Area is so expensive, and unfortunately people are not able to find jobs that are able to cover the cost of the high rent on top of all the other bills they are already responsible for. The last thing parents need to worry about is how they are going to make it through the next month. The only thing they should be concerned or worried about is their children and not how much money they need to make in order to make it through the next month. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “People then turn to drugs and alcohol for a way to get away want to forget the situation that they are under where they don’t have money” because people should not have to cope with stress by indulging in alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately a lot of homeless do turn towards drugs or alcohol to cope with the stress and over whelming feeling of being out on the street. This is something we need to change and instead of judging such people, we need to help them. Another sentence that I shocked by was “California accounts for 50 percent of the nation’s homeless population”. This stood out for me because I could not believe that about half of all the homeless people in America happen to live in California. Our state has to be doing something wrong if half of the homeless people in the nation live in our state, and this is something that has to be changed. Your post has made me want to help more homeless people in my community. Although I do give as much money as I can to the homeless, there is more that I can do to help them. I want to learn more about what I can do to not only help the homeless but also lower the overall number of people who are homeless in California. Something needs to be changed so the number does not increase but will eventually start to decrease as well.

    • Dear Adrian,
      I am surprised with your post, “Do You Care About The Homeless In Your Community”, because i personally believe that if people are in need than everyone should try to help them. Thats not all homeless people should receive help and others should try and support them through their hard work.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I have also seen some of the homeless go through where some are pushed off some land. Some residents would call this a disturbance but in reality where are homeless suppose to go if they don’t have anywhere to go? Why should neighbors say terrible things to them” I agree with this because it supports my beliefs and that everyone should always be helped. Also people should help others especially if they have the money a recourses to.

      Another sentence that I saw was: “The rate of becoming homeless has increased over the years. Many more people have been on the street with no home and people are going to be homeless. ” This stood out to me because it reveals the truth about homelessnesses and just how bad it’s getting.

      I agree with your statement and I know that all over the place homelessness has become a real problem and it has been increasing rapidly.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I would like to see your thoughts on homeless ness and how much of a problem it is. If you would like to see my work on homelessness you can follow https://wordpress.com/view/homesfortomorrowcom.wordpress.com

    • Dear Adrian,

      I am astounded by your post, “Do You Care About The Homeless In Your Community,” because you have showed me and our community real dedication on this issue. You took time out of your day to conduct an interview with the people around you, which is an act that reveals your commitment to this problem. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “So many people don’t know the actual struggles of being homeless. There are many struggles of being homeless, one of them not getting water or not getting home cooked meals or even warm meals.” I think this is eye-opening because not everyone gets the same privileges like us and have access to food or water. This is a problem that we often times overlook, but I believe that we can make a difference by giving back to the homeless ones, even if it’s just the tiny things like food/water or spare change. Another sentence that I discovered was: “This stood out for me because…Some might think that homeless are terrible people but they just want to be like us with a life and job to keep their hard earned money and a roof over their head to keep them warm. Homeless are humans too not animals that can be just thrown in a street and just survive. ” This made me realize how society has the wrong mentality towards homelessness since most of us assume the characters of those based on their outer appearance. However, we simply just can’t generalize all homeless people into being criminals or druggies because there are people who are actually struggling. Like what you said, humans are not animals, thus they shouldn’t be treated like one. Nobody deserves to live on the streets, while fighting for their survival at the same time.

      Thank you for sharing this writing, but most importantly thank you for continually fighting for the cause of homelessness. If you can, please check out my blogs on building more homeless shelters in NYC. Please follow:

  • This poem is great it shows the bad and the good for people where you that love is the answer not hate, I like how this poem show that gun violence is all around. One question I have for you.
    What is normal? What makes someone or something normal?
    A websites that can help you is grammarly.com

  • Hello, My name Adrian Terriquez, this is my poem that is about growing up and it connects to the book Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespear When growing up you find obstacles in your way. Every one of those o

    • Dear Adrian,
      I like your poem it’s strong it’s simple and gets to the main point that “growing up wasn’t always easy” your poem was strong i liked when you said “There are bullets,
      Bullets that dance through the air
      And hit innocents”
      This was really strong because it’s true we see and hear innocent people get murdered by mean people all the time. Keep it up hope your next poem is as good as this one!

    • Dear Adrian,
      Your poem was so powerful and moving. It not only paints a vivid picture of the struggles you and your community face, but it also highlights how love and the strength of your community can help you endure these hard times. Keep your head up and continue to tell these beautiful stories through poetry!

  • Dear Bryan,

    I like your shadow box and it looks amazing! I also was a soccer player but stopped it was a part of my life.My favorite part of your shadow box is the food picture on the right of your shadow box. I also like a lot of Mexican food and I also like the motivational quotes because they really stand out in the shadow box, they show a lot…[Read more]

  • The items in my shadow box represent the counter-narrative the outside of the shadow box represents the dominant narrative. When people see me they start giving assumptions about what I am and who I am in their

    • Hi Adrian!

      This is a really great post! I thought the way you designed your shadow box was very intriguing. Adding photos of yourself with you family made it very intimate. When you said, “When people see me they start giving assumptions about what I am and who I am in their perspective”, it really reminded me of when I was living in Texas and I was one of the few asian students. People constantly assumed that I was amazing at math, quiet and reserved. I think it is important for us to break this habit of assumptions! It starts with you! When you catch yourself making assumptions about someone, take a step back and try to get to know them! When someone was giving you odd looks and basing their opinion of you off of stereotypes, how did you respond?

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    Dear Oswaldo
    One part of your shadow box that really stood out to me was the picture of your father. The picture of your father really shows that you love your family. I also agree with the family love, another thing that stood out for me was your soccer field that shows that you enjoy sports and especially soccer.Nice job on your shadow box !

  • Dear Leo

    I like your items with the shadow box especially the dog it looks realistic I am also doing the same project with the shadow. One question, what does the dog represent in the shadow box? Another question is, what do people call you for a dominant narrative? Other than that, the box looks great and the patches are cool

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