• Dear Bryan,

    I like your shadow box and it looks amazing! I also was a soccer player but stopped it was a part of my life.My favorite part of your shadow box is the food picture on the right of your shadow box. I also like a lot of Mexican food and I also like the motivational quotes because they really stand out in the shadow box, they show a lot…[Read more]

  • The items in my shadow box represent the counter-narrative the outside of the shadow box represents the dominant narrative. When people see me they start giving assumptions about what I am and who I am in their

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    Dear Oswaldo
    One part of your shadow box that really stood out to me was the picture of your father. The picture of your father really shows that you love your family. I also agree with the family love, another thing that stood out for me was your soccer field that shows that you enjoy sports and especially soccer.Nice job on your shadow box !

  • Dear Leo

    I like your items with the shadow box especially the dog it looks realistic I am also doing the same project with the shadow. One question, what does the dog represent in the shadow box? Another question is, what do people call you for a dominant narrative? Other than that, the box looks great and the patches are cool

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