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    Christianity has the biggest religious population of the Earth with nearly one in three people being a Christian. Within the religion, there are countless sects and branches of Christianity and many

    • I like this a lot. I think that a history of the Church is often scrambled and cloudy in people’s minds. By bringing in a good definitive compilation of history like this, people can better understand the mission of the Church and where it is headed. Well done.

  • Really good picture. I really like the shadows around the perimeter and the focus and clarity of his face and clothing. The periodic table only makes sense as well.

  • It’s good to hear you have healthy options to relieve stress a carry forward. Of course what works well for you may not be the same for others. I think we all can have the same type of relief but according to our needs and wants.

  • I recently have embarked into the research world using various databases to find facts about the Early Christian Church worship and how it has changed. I have primarily seen a lot about the Greco-Roman influence

    • This is really interesting to me because I’m always curious why people think the way they think. After reading your post, I want to look up the two authors you cited and read their articles. You also made me curious to find out more about Gnosticism and Arianism.

  • Very interesting. I never knew that even just something a simple is a midshoe sole can affect performance. Not only in performace, but also risk of injury. It would be interesting then to see what brands of shoes provide the best sole and design for performance.

  • I was really shocked by your findings Olivia. I knew light pollution affects being able to see stars in the night (unless you go to a rural area) but I was unaware off the negative influence on wildlife. I’m really interested in seeing what else you may be able to find including even solutions to light pollution.

  • For my research project on the Early Christian Church, I have obtained a few sources from the Gale Research Center. One is based off an essay on “Bede’s Ecclesiastical History” which contains much of the history

    • I thought this was very well done Adrian. I thought it was interesting in how these councils and meetings changed Catholic belief and changed history concerning Catholicism. I am looking forward to reading more on this subject.

    • I find these sources very interesting. I like how you have sources from specific events like the councils, however city ducting research in this way I think requires a few more sources. Also I think it is important to make sure you have some sources from people who are not Catholic to get an outside perspective. Good job.

    • That is a great way to start out your research. I am definitely interested to see what more you will find out about the early church. I wish you had also I could’ve had summarized with a little more about each article so I could’ve known more about what you’re looking for in your research paper. Other than that, great start Adrian.

    • I feel as if this topic has the potential to be expanded upon greatly and how we could even learn ways to improve upon our Catholicism. I hope you find more information to build on.

    • This topic is really cool as it is and definitely has room to expand a little further and make it that much better… also, I think you should do some stuff with the Crusades and Templar’s and stuff, because those were some wild times for the church.

    • It is interesting how these simple contributions to Catholicism have impacted the faith so deeply, and it is clearly revealed here, as you did a great job of showing so.

  • The topic I am going to dive into as a research paper is based on Christianity and how the customs of today’s Christianity differ from that of the early church and how they came to be. Some questions will be a

    • Adrian, I love the topic you have chosen to do researcher on. I have personally have had questions about the beginnings of Christianity and how certain traditions have come about. I am Roman Catholic by practice, but also hold the same views as some Pentecostals and other Christian dominations. I also think that by keeping your research neutral you may find more correct and unbiased information that can use to explains the beginnings of not just one Christian faith practice, but many Christian faith practices.

    • Adrian, I am very interested to see what you find out about this topic. I have questions about where some customs came about. I think it’s good that you are keeping an open and neutral mind throughout this process.

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    I personally am a big fan of meat. But, you are right. Cattle and animals are treated poorly in response to higher demand for meat products along with a growing population. Hopefully there will be better methods of farming for meat in the future.

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  • Sounds like a good idea Alexa. Maybe you could also write what would be an ideal amount of time for children to have recess and also even research how different recess times compare in the psychological development of children. Hopefully you will find what you will need!

  • Hey Raywa, your idea for your research paper sounds very interesting. I also have been interested in knowing what causes happiness in people’s lives and why some people are happier in certain circumstances. Maybe you could also research what causes emotions and the purpose of having emotions and even how different emotion differ in being created…[Read more]

  • Hey Mason. Passion is a very powerful source. It is a source of fuel that can never be extinguished. But it is very natural that many long for material wealth when there is a lot more to want in this life. One idea I would like to add is that reward sometimes can be good as well. Sometimes reward brings purpose and incentives sometimes may even…[Read more]

  • I’ve also recently have noticed more acceptance and visibility of tattoos in the workplace. Many people are showing their ink of expression. It really surprises me how many people own tattoos and piercings but choose even not to show it themselves.due to social stigmas or even they are afraid of judgement. I agree, self expression should be…[Read more]

  • Hey Lena. I really enjoyed your take on sleep and the necessity of more of it. There is always at least that one person in every class who is sleeping or says “I’m tired”. It is true that teens need to get more sleep. Sometimes, we sleep late because we may have happened to have received a lot a homework for the day or we have jobs, involved in…[Read more]

  • Hey Connor,
    This was a very interesting take on voter fraud which many people believe is a thing and many think it is a myth. Of course, there will always be attempts to cheat an anything whether it comes to school, games, sports, and even voting. But I really don’t think voting fraud would cause to much of an impact if it actually exists. I…[Read more]

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    Hey Landen,
    I agree we should allow those immigrants to enter if they are qualified. It is actually a very difficult and long process for someone living in the U.S as even just a resident to become a citizen. We should allow those people truly seeking refuge and a better life to enter especially if they will be a good asset to the country. I know…[Read more]

  • Zach, these are very interesting significant stats. I do agree the immigration process is “very tedious and expensive” since I have seen it for myself. I work at an office and sometimes we work with immigration and it is a tedious long process and the fees are considerably high, especially when they have to renew their permits every couple years.

  • The federal budget is one impending topic in the 2016 election. One question is who are we indebted to? According to CNN, 67.5% of the the federal debt is held by U.S citizens and agencies in pensions in

  •     Religion seems to be a big part of people’s religious lives. According to the Huffington Post, 65% of actually claim that religion is a big part of their lives which is significantly larger than than other c

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