• I don’t feel confident with what I recorded because I don’t feel comfortable reading in English with such emotion. I’m used to reading in Spanish like that but not in English.
    I still need p

  • “TED’s secret to great public speaking”
    Good and Bad Examples of Presentation.
    Andersons view on public speaking was similar to what we are all used to knowing, he just explained it in a way that was dif

  • Shakespeare is being taught today because it is a way to scrutinize the mind of someone that was living in this era, which was the Elizabethan era. I saw this in the second video titled, Why Study Shakespeare

  • I chose Lines 226-236 from Act II Scene III in “Othello.” I played the roles of Cassio and Iago in this excerpt.

    I learned that for you to be involved with the text, you need to be one with text and put yourself

  • Dear Mr. President,

    I would like to ask you to take charge & action on this country having equal healthcare.

    It is a benefit that everyone should be be able to have no mater what the financial situation one is

    • You do realize that anyone who makes over $100,000 pays at least 40% of their income towards taxes, this percentage goes up as the income goes up. At $500,000 you will end up paying around $255,000 in taxes, personally I believe that with our current economy our taxes should not be raised.

    • I actually like this letter. I like the fact that he gave different suggestions about how the president could fix health care. He said everything direct and got right to the point. He was very clear about what his concern was with the situation of health care expenses for the different classes.

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