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    Dear Darriven thanks for commenting on my article and by the way how are you doing today?

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    Why do youth join gangs? Gangs are one of the main problems in California, but it is especially a problem in Oakland due to young teens joining them for various reasons and doing violent crimes in them.

    To begin,

    Gangs in Oakland

    Why do youth join gangs? Gangs are one of the main problems in California, but it is especially a problem in Oakland due to young teens joining them for various reasons and doing violent crimes in them. To begin, gangs...

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    • Dear Adrian, I am flattered by your post. Gangs in oakland is bad and someone should do something about them. – Darrive 🙂

    • Dear Adrian,
      I am thrilled about your post, “Gangs in Oakland,” because it brings back memories of my old friends joined gangs because of family problems, but I dont think its not only family problems, it’s also problems in schools. The reason why I left my friends is because i was they weren’t paying attention to me ,so I had to move on and leave them. If I was smart i’ll probably be in the streets and not writing this.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Many gangs seem attractive to teens because the gangs seem cool and popular, and they give teens an opportunity to attend parties and socialize and meet members of the opposite sex.” I think this is nice because my friends that are teens joined gangs so there names could be in the street, they wanted to be known. The also think they could do anything they want because they have people protecting their backs.
      Another sentence that alerted me was: “In the article “How Does Peer Pressure Influence Teens to be in Gangs”, by Stephen Maughan, he explains that some of the main reasons adolescents join gangs are because they want to be popular and feel like the belong somewhere.” This stood out for me because I did a similar project in my school, I did a survey on students from my school asking questions based on Oakland gangs.
      I do strongly agree with you that teens join gangs so they could get popular.One reason I say this because one of my old friends is in a gang and his known in the streets. Another reason I agree with you is teens get to meet a lot of people, but they only meet
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I enjoyed reading your post. I also look forward to come back because you caught my attention by the part where you asked questions. Don’t join gangs or don’t do drugs because they don’t help you end up in good places. Stay in school and BECOME SOMEONE DON’T FOLLOW NO ONE.


    • Adrian,

      I was really intrigued by your topic. I like that it helps give a voice to the teenagers who end up in gangs because of issues of feeling unheard or overlooked, like when you mentioned the girl who said:

      ” They didn’t try to understand me.”…”My parents were always right and I was always wrong.”…”They never really took the time to listen to my problems”…”They never tried to understand where I was coming from or asked me if something was bothering me.”

      I feel like that is a big issue today; teenagers are often ignored and brushed off by adult which causes them to search for acceptance elsewhere. People need to speak up for those without a voice. As you mentioned, many of those individuals who joined gangs did so for some type of attention or fulfillment they were not getting elsewhere.

      Interviewing two different community members was a really interesting idea for this piece, it gave more perspective to your story. It could also be interesting to interview either a high school student or a community member (like a store clerk) from that area to see a third-party perspective from someone who has to deal with both high school students and gang members on a regular basis.

      Overall, your piece was really interesting. I hope I see more of your work in the future.



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Gangs in Oakland

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