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  • This article discusses the guidelines put into place by the United States government as a result of the coronavirus. When this was written, March 30th, people took social distancing, staying home, and wearing masks quite seriously as compared to right now. I find this ironic because there were much fewer cases and reported deaths at the time…Read More

  • This is a topic prior to reading this post I did not know much about. The only main point I knew about was the lack of job availability, but I had never thought of the toll that takes on one’s mentality or perception of themselves. That makes Native Americans more susceptible to mental illnesses such as depression which causes many of them to turn…Read More

  • Allison, you made many thought-provoking points that I agree with. Especially with the statement, you made in the last paragraph about how since there are so many of us Americans we all won’t have the same viewpoints on everything. However, I think in recent months the gap between us, especially politically, has increased due to everything that…Read More

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    What does it mean to be American?

    Being American means different things to different people. To some, it may mean patriotism, voting, eating chili at the annual 4th of July cookout, or things of that sort. However, to me, it means having freedom, working hard, respecting...

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    • Aditi, I really liked the points you brought up in your essay. I agree that everyone in America has a unique perspective on what it means to be an American. I liked how you brought up the point that a family who has lived in the U.S for multiple generations, will have different goals than immigrants. I agree that immigrants are some of the most hardworking people in America. I liked your statement in your fifth paragraph. Americans need to understand that different cultures are not “wrong” just because they don’t align with their own culture.

    • I completely agree with your arguments in this essay. Our country is made up of so many different cultures and because of this everyone will have their own ideas of what it means to be an American. I believe that the idea in itself is more of a personal opinion than it is a concrete definition.

    • Aditi, I enjoyed reading this! I agree that being American means being accepting of other cultures. I think our country is very unique in that we were formed by people from many different cultures. Some people think, as you mentioned, that to be American means to conform to certain western cultural beliefs. But in reality, there is no “American” culture, because it is constantly changing and different for every person.

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