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  • Dear Abigail,

    After reading your post, I completely agree with your stance that there are circumstances in which abortion is justifiable. It’s unfortunate that many of these circumstances have to do with rape, not being financially stable, toxic relationships, etc. However, for these same reasons we must come together to protect women’s rights…Read More

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    The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws

    The online article, "Policy Evaluation” (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 2012) declares the central idea that gun control rights are effective. In support of the idea, it is revealed that “Using state data from 2007-2010, we found...

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    Dear Sara, 

    Your post has helped me become more aware of the injustice and violence taking place at our border with Mexico. It is devastating to see how human beings are being treated so poorly at the hands of border patrol enforcement; being separated from your family, being deprived of your needs, being killed, its all inhumane. Something I…Read More

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    Mass Shootings in the U.S.

    In the article, “The 30 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history include Monterey Park and Uvalde” (Abidi 2015), the central idea is highlighting how Uvalde’s tragedy has further contributed to the nation's mass gun violence issues. In support...

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    • Dear Adilene,
      Your post made me think about how many more life will be lost if no action is taken on gun violence. It’s clear to see that gun violence is a continuous issue at schools that kill numerous innocent lives. I wonder if school shootings have limited who has access to owning a gun. Additionally, your research question, “how we can prevent gun violence without restricting the Second Amendment” is something I’d like to follow up on. 

      Sincerely, Sara Torres

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