• this is a very nice story and interesting i really like but it should get more information then it would become more interesting.

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    very nice story and its short but perfect.

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    i think u should have added a bit more information but its interesting

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    Dear Humera,

    I am excited about your story “Bridge,” because it makes me think of how famous it must be that so many people come there.

    One part of your story that stands out for me is where you describe that you can feel fresh air. I think this is true because that is why many people should be coming over there and THAT IS WHY I go.…[Read more]

  • We all get many stresses in our daily life for, example as we decide to do something today but we can’t and we keep on thinking about it over and over that we will do it tomorrow. Which has a big impact on us b


    Location: long island                                

    What a beautiful day today, it is going to be so amazing and so much of fun today. With that clean sand and beautiful ocean and look at the people ch

    • I wrote they same picture as you,but I wrote 2 poems. You and me are two different kinds,but I think ours are both great

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  • I am a very quiet person, but if I get to know you very well, I will talk to you a lot and I can be a really good person if you be good to me. I was born on October 28, 2002, and I was born in South Africa, but

    • Thank you for sharing your story here.

      I have been to South Africa and found it to be a very beautiful country. I am sure you miss it, but I hope you like where you are living now. Coming to a new country can be very difficult. (I moved to Tanzania to live for two years, ad it was very hard.)

      It’s good that you are thinking about justice and studying the history of your native country. I think we can learn a lot from history.

      Keep up your writing and your studies!

    • I can relate with because im also a very shy person at first but when i get comfortable around you im very easy going and myself. I also immigrated here from Africa. It was also very hard for my family just getting used to the environment and adjusting to a different culture was difficult. American life style is very different from African life style but over time we adjusted.

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