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P.U.L.S.E. High School

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Bronx, New York, USA

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Jessica Hernandez-Speer

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     I am Adelphe Peralta. I am 19 years old. It is important to know that I am a very goofy yet generous person. I was born here in the US, in Manhattan, at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. When I was 3, my father passed away in the same hospital where I was born, which turned my whole life around, honestly. My father died from 13 gunshot wounds. I have lived in many places such as the Bronx, Washington Heights and even Lower Manhattan for a time, making me well-traveled in NYC. I constantly moved because my mother didn’t like the neighborhood surrounding our home.
     I like to learn and just talk to all my friends in school but mostly I like to have a good time . Outside of school I like to play sports such as basketball and baseball as well as play lots of video games (my favorites are 2k18, Fortnite and WWII). In school I am good at every subject, but my strongest subjects are math and global studies.
     Outside of school I enjoy playing sports, playing video games and eating. I am particularly good at every sport I play because ’m a natural athlete, but also because I have practiced all the sports I play since I was young, making it easier for someone like me to be good at a sport. I play football baseball and basketball currently and i play in tournaments for all sports i play.  I also got good at playing video games because between the ages of 14 and 16 I would literally play video games for hours at a time, and practice makes perfect .