• Dear Kayla
    I am excited about your post “Childish Gambino Motivates Us Against Violence” because i like this topic very much and enjoy speaking about it. Also i enjoyed reading your different thoughts and perspective on this subject.
    One sentence that stands out for me is “There are many problems that we do not speak on”. I think this is…[Read more]


    I believe the video “This Is America,” by Childish Gambino represents how America is today in 2018. This music video by Mr. Gambino gives a very vivid depiction of what society is and looks like today. I beli

    • Dear Adelphe,

      I am interested by your article ” Everyone should be equal” in reference to Childish Gambino’s music video. This interested me because the words you are saying are inspiring and i agree with everything that you’re saying.

      One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is ” This helps show that anybody and anyone can be shot no matter the place and time which is a very tragic thing happening today in America”. I agree with this because a lot of innocent people around the world are being killed for no reason. It’s sad because you cant even be outside without the thought of something happened to you or a loved one.

      Another sentence that i agreed with was ” how much America cares more about guns than all African Americans in the United States’. This stood out for me because i’ve always thought the same thing. America cares more about money then the well being of others.

      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time i went to a protest against violence. It was interesting because i got the chance to see all the people from around the world that wanted change to happen.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because i know it’s gonna be good and i would like to read more about your thoughts because we could relate in many different ways.

    • I believe this was going in depth and that’s good i quite did not understand the song but now you explained everything and now i understand.

    • this video has a lot of hidden meanings which many people don’t understand cuz they ain’t woke like some of us and they aint getting the message that the video is providing us.

    • This was a good example to show how america become

    • Adelphe, I found your article very interesting, because of all the ways you explained some of the events that occur in the video. For example, I like where you said that the guns being treated with care shows how Americans care more about keeping the second amendment, than those who die due to guns. I think this video and the movie you mentioned are great ways to show everyone what goes unseen. I would like to know if there are any other movies, songs, or books that have hidden messages like this.

    • dear Aldephe, I feel like i agree with you 100 percent.
      the world chooses to ignore that we have a gun violence problem. So childish Gambino made this music video he was bringing it to america’s attention to realize whats happening around us because we are so caught up in entertainment that we don’t know whats happening or we growing careless. I also think that maybe when he shot that person in the beginning it could’ve been related to black lives matters. I think in my opinion America refuses to see the problem with guns . We had so many shootings in 2018 we had shootings in churches, gay clubs, Luke Bryan concert and mostly schools. So when childish Gambino made this music video he was bringing it to america’s attention that “hey! we need to take care of these things”.

  • Dear Dennis-Senpai ,

    I am fascinated with your post “ Gun control-Movement “ because this something i was writing about myself. I also was fascinated because it was something i could relate too in my everyday life considering the neighborhood i come from in the bronx. Another reason why i was fascinated is because of the title, it was a title tha…[Read more]

  • The question i have is why is gun violence still playing a big role in the number of deaths in the US? I know for a fact that gun violence plays a big roll because it’s so easy to get a gun in the streets e

    • Adelphe, your article truly interested me. Within my lifetime the number of school shootings has increased tremendously and we as a society have become desensitized to these traumatic and barbaric events. As a teenager as well it is also mind boggling how people our age can gain access to guns so easily without any background checks. Have you participated in March For Our Lives? It is truly an amazing movement that allows people like us to have a voice and make a difference. Here is the link https://marchforourlives.com/ . Is there an increased amount of violence in the Bronx? If you find more on this topic I would love to read it! Thank you for the information?

    • Adelphe, I clicked on this article because the topic of violence interests me. You article felt passionate and I appreciate your opinion and input on this situation. I am extremely curious about the program “Ceasefire” that you mentioned. I am also wondering if you personally live in the Bronx like you mentioned. Is gun violence a specific problem in your own life and do you think that this program will help you and the people you know? Thanks.

    • Adelphe, I decided to read this article because I wrote a similar one on gun violence. I agree that our government needs to step up and make a change. Do you think that the government should crack down on mental health and preventing mentally unstable people from getting guns or do you think that the government should just ban certain guns all together (for example banning semi-automatic weapons)?

    • Hi Adelphe, this is Ms. Chapman responding to your article nearly 7 months after you wrote it. Today I was shown this program for the first time, and the question I had about the world was/is : Will the mass shootings ever end? Just yesterday there was yet another mass shooting in Los Angelos- 11- 13 people dead. Horrific…It makes me think that strong legislation is needed to control the availability of weapons. I have so much more to say, but time does’t permit. Take care, and keep developing your writing skills.

    • Adelphe,

      Gun violence and lawmaking is one of the foremost issues that we are facing today. The culture of gun use and violence in the United States is like that of nowhere else in the world. This is an issue that goes far beyond the average citizen and is something that needs to be remedied at the national level. The limitation of gun ownership and use is something that needs to change quickly in America as it is far too easy to obtain a lethal weapon. Like other countries we need to change our requirements of gun ownership or overhaul the system as a whole.

    • Adelphe, I agree that it should not be as easy as it is to obtain a gun, especially if one is not mentally sound enough to use a gun. I think adding information on why gun regulation is so hard to pass in Congress would dramatically help you argue your point. Adding statistics will only persuade some people, but exposing the truth of why the government is not doing enough will persuade more. This article might help you, https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/12/us/politics/trump-gun-control-national-rifle-association.html

  • Dear Elio :
    I am intrigued with your , “,modern slavery,”text because it’s the truth and it’s something big branded companies are really taking advantage. The companies are taking advantage because they can afford to put up a good show to the outside as well as the people that work there as “ slaves “ can’t afford to lose their job.
    One sent…[Read more]

  • thank you very much i try my best to write the best i can but seriously thank you for the compliment

  • The world was created by the big bang and the chemicals of space not by god or any other fantasized theories. This topic in particular interests me the most because everyday i think to myself “ were humans p

    • Adelphe, you ask some fascinating questions. I was particularly interested in your question ” how was every living thing on this planet was made?” I often find myself wondering about such things, and I am never satisfied with the answers provided. I feel as if we will never be able to fully understand the origin of everything, what about you? The National Geographic has some helpful information that might answer a few of your questions at https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/space/universe/origins-of-the-universe/. However, it will not be able to explain everything. Good luck with your future exploration and I hope to hear your thoughts in the future.

  •      I am Adelphe Peralta. I am 19 years old. It is important to know that I am a very goofy yet generous person. I was born here in the US, in Manhattan, at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. When I was 3, my f

    • Hello Adelphe,

      I think this is great story of your life and you showcase a great topic people can relate to.

    • thank you very much i try my best to write the best i can but seriously thank you for the compliment

    • Dear, Adelphe

      I really enjoyed reading your story because many people can relate to this such as me. I can relate to this because i also played sports when i was young and really enjoyed it. I like in the beginning how you connect the hospital you were born is the same hospital your dad died because that really caught my attention and I wanted to read more after that. I am looking forward to your new work.

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