• Opposing Viewpoints: Anti Vs. Pro Vaping

    Why has the effects vaping become a more prevalent issue than the effects of smoking cigarettes?

    Vaping is an urgent threat

    The writer’s main claim in t

  • This reminds me of media diversions of the publics’ attention. I think the reason so many of these issues get looked over by everyday people is that modern-day media is always bringing up something else such as memes, or something some political leader said that may make you upset depending on which political side you lean towards. Although these…[Read more]

  • Even with the “skip a straw, save a turtle” trend going around, many followers of this don’t recognize or care about the other plastic the comes from cups or lids. Like you said many people just hop on this bandwagon without realizing what they’re actually doing. Much like how joining the trend of juuling or vaping can be harmful to our bodies,…[Read more]

  • For over 30 years now, science has been proving global warming, and it’s negative effects on the human race. Even with organizations such as NASA bringing awareness to the issue, (

    • I absolutely agree with your opinion that climate change cannot be ignored and leaders of nations, developing or developed, must be concerned with the consequences of a warming earth. Sadly, I don’t think many people will start to care or devote resources to reversing climate change until it impacts them in “their own backyard.”

    • Hi Addison, I completely agree with you, it makes me happy to see young people seeking action. The internet has given so many people who previously had practically no voice, the opportunity to share their ideas and provoke people and politicians.

    • Your argument is very well put and I agree with it completely. Even now as some politicians back people like Greta Thunberg and Tom Steyer, we have to wait and see if any real changes happen, or if it is once again just talk with no action. You also brought up a good point with the short-sightedness of politicians and humans as a whole. We often ignore results that will come after we are gone, ignoring that it will impact our children and future generations.

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