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    Research on partisan media suggests that our news today is creating a polarized atmosphere in American politics. Partisan media includes Fox News and MSNBC where each takes an extreme end of

    • Addie, I thought you did a good job of previewing and summarizing your research. I also think the picture you used is very representative of the content of this article, the “backwards” flag representing America’s warped media.

    • Maybe the way we consume media has changed the goals of large media players. With the decline in newspapers, TV news fills the void. However, TV, unlike most newspaper, is mainly a form of entertainment. So only the big stories, terrorism, big policies, get covered, with dramatic effect.

    • This is such a great topic, especially as we see how relevant it is today. Great job summarizing your paper, and I cant wait to read more on this!

  • I think the safety pin movement is a great way for people to find a safe space and right now that is super important. I think the idea behind it though can be broadened to use even after Trump’s presidency because it really does help create a safe space and shows people they have allies

  • I know I personally have experienced brand addiction especially with my phone because I refuse to get anything other than apple. I think this topic is interesting because it is something we have all experienced whether we are aware of it or not.

  • I really appreciate this research topic and think you have done a really good job at examining all sides of the problem while remaining firm on your claim that prostitution should be decriminalized. I like how you show the polarizing viewpoints on prostitution because it is those extreme views that are making it very difficult to decriminalize…[Read more]

  • This is really well done Giselle! I liked how you made a point to mention the differences in male and female incarnation. It is such a heavy topic to cover so by dividing the two groups of people and identifying the typical individual repercussions that incarnation has on a person helps give your research more empathy to it.

  • The first article I found on EBSCO databases was actually a scientific research paper on how partisan media affected the polarization of their viewers and the general public. The researcher, Matthew Levendusky,

  • In my research on the Gale database to find information on a polarized and partisan media, I found one article that pertained to the history of partisan media. This article suggests that partisan media began its

  • For my research project, I am interested in researching what Social Media site had the most political posts during the past election season. In my own experience, the three major social media sites; Twitter,

  • I’m interested to see your research on this topic. I never knew anything about this type of “warfare” and wonder how it was achieved and how this affects the citizens of Columbia.

  • I am personally opposed to the death penalty mainly because it feels very vengeful and hypocritical. I think this post is really great because you look at both sides of this debate. While I oppose it i do understand how someone in pain might want to seek revenge.

  • I think arts are super important especially in a high school setting where many kids struggle with feeling like they belong. Arts provide that belonging for many and as you suggested also provide many educational benefits

  • I know that your focus is on plastic in the great lakes but I think it would be helpful to check out some research on plastic in the ocean. Most plastic ends up in several larges masses in the ocean and I wonder if the same occurs in the great lakes

  • Specific examples of this persecution should be included in the future but I do think that being a religious person in any religion can sometimes be dangerous. I think it is most important to remain open minded on all fronts so that humans do face any kind of persecution for any reason in the future.

  • Addie commented on the post, Being There 3 years, 7 months ago

    This is a beautiful poem! I love the emotion in it and the images it brings. I feel like I this is a poem everyone can relate in some shape or form and I think that is really awesome that you can capture many emotions in one poem.

  • I like that this was an incomplete response but still gave the backing and information to help start a conversation or a different answer as to whether the electoral college is good or bad. I think that mainly peoples opinions on it change depending on whether or not their candidate wins which is why it is refreshing to see your response coming…[Read more]

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    I agree with Lula that the length of the poem speaks volumes because it isn’t filled with the “what ifs'” or “give him a chance” kind of attitude that is shown in our media right now. This is beautiful poem and I love the imagery, I felt like I was a protester in the crowd.

  • This is a really well written article! This topic is something that does not get as much media coverage as it should and is something I wish were more addressed during the election season. This is a very strong and very good topic to choose for a letter to the president

  • Your ideas on correcting poverty is interesting because it does not appear that your new monetary system would relieve poverty but instead add fuel to the flames. I do not believe, as you do, that money is what needs to be ‘fixed’ in order to create a poverty free world. In my opinion education is what greatly affects poverty and while there is a…[Read more]

  • The phrase “we are all immigrants” is commonly used by pro-immigration supporters with its purpose to shine a light on a human crisis, but the truth of the matter is that we are not all immigrants.

    We cannot

    • Thanks for writing this. Your title intrigued me.

      Isn’t it true that all of our families come from immigrants, unless perhaps we are Native Americans or other indigenous people?

      I think that people say “we are all immigrants” because the vast majority of our families came from somewhere else, and yet it seems so easy to forget that. It is easy to think that the doors to our country should be closed even though they were open for our families. We lack empathy, I think.

      I agree strongly that “We need to take action because immigrants cannot. We have the privilege and we must do something good with it or it will ruin us.”

      I look forward to seeing you write more and to hearing what actions you suggest to be more inclusive to immigrants and all those that are seen as “outsiders” or “other.” Thanks for writing!

  • Why are religion and faith such a huge aspect of human life today?

    According to reference.com, which is a forum where questions are asked and can be answered by users based on personal opinion, the answer is

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