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    This Is My Body

    Seeing people and taking a glance at them can make you think Some good and bad thoughts, but who would know The answer, they wouldn’t know cause it’s in your mind Confidence,Intelligence,Challenge is my body Confidence, some say is getting through a scary...

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    Disastered Memory

    The rash was spreading, pulsing, hurting and it wasn’t enough time until it got fully affected. All I can remember is me waking up sore not even knowing what happened the night before. “ I need to keep walking “ maybe I’ll find something that can help me.
    After walking for a long time I still haven’t found anything…Read More

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    I always wondered why
    people judged others for their sexuality
    Shouldn’t love be just
    the words like “ love is love “

    People should be able to express
    themselves thru words and actions
    Sexuality is something others
    take for granted or even advantage of

    If a guy is gay it’s “
    the pretty ones are always gay “
    If a women is ga…Read More

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    Where would you be without values, would your life be a story or one word ? I will discuss in this essay Courage and determination. These values are important because of 3 main reasons.
    1 you can’t get nowhere without staying focused on a plan that’s hard to do and throughout the time you learn to go through with it even though it’s hard and d…Read More

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    Yes, I’m going to see if I can add the picture .
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    This Is My Body

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