• Dear Mr. President,


    My name is Adam and I am a Highschool student in Michigan. There are many problems in this world that many of them get pushed to the side or overlooked, I am writing to you to bring up one

    • Dear Adam,

      This post of yours to put an end to human trafficking is a good proposal to the president. You made a good valid point along with examples on this situation. What I don’t agree with about your post is that you didn’t put a valid link to your post of the situation in California. I do agree with that California is a state in the United States that has a big number of human trafficking.

      Something that stands out to me about you post is, “ With over 200 victims that have been taken from their family & friends.” It stood out to me because I don’t know when this time period was that you got it from. It is a crazy number & believable, I just want to know where or how you got it. I do think you did good job with this post & you are really brave for writing to the president.

      Hope you have a good day & continue to follow your dreams.

      From, Alexandria Valdez

    • Adam, Great post! This is a very sad topic and it is absolutely a problem all around the world. Human trafficking is one of many issues in America that has been overlooked for a long time. I would like to see it come to an end as well as a vast majority of the country’s population. Your writing is good and you stayed on topic the entire time. I was never confused and I wanted to keep reading. When you mentioned the human trafficking ring in California that got busted, you used good evidence to support your claim. Overall, great post!

  • Every American citizen has the right to protest. Protesting is a freedom that is given to americans and is protected by the first amendment. The amendment gives us the right of freedom of speech which includes the

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