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    What Does It Mean To Be American

    What does it mean to be American? I believe the answer to that question is relative to whom you ask. I started pondering that question and got stuck, so I asked my mother what she thought it meant, and...

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    • I think this is a very well written article on a topic that is very important in today’s time. For me, I am not American, in fact I am an immigrant from the U.K and the first part of your article where you included your mother got me really intrigued. I think that was a strong part because it is someone that many can relate. I don’t know your background or your mother’s, but I can get a sense of it from how she explained how it felt to be American.
      With that being said, I think including more things about the BLM movement and tying that can help strengthen your article. this article can maybe help you get some information.

    • Adam, your post really makes me think differently than I used to. As a non-American, I really liked how you mentioned that being American is to come together because since I came to this country all alone just to learn more cultures, I do feel neglected sometimes. But just by working hard and improving myself to be part of this world, I could feel that I am getting involved a lot even though I was not born as an American. Also, I appreciate how you tried to look at different perspectives and put them together to build up your own opinion about it.
      This article could give you some idea of why people are so into the concept of the “American Dream.” Foreigners tend to look after the unique characteristics that Americans could have.

      • Thank you! I really enjoyed reading that article, it had a lot of very interesting points. I am glad I could at least make you think. It shouldn’t matter if you were born here or not, you are still a part of America and you contribute your own unique ideas to the melting pot and that will never change.

    • Thank you very much! My mother is an immigrant from the middle east who moved here in middle school with her family to start a new life. I really liked the article and the perspectives that it told, I will definitely incorporate this information in future articles of the subject.

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