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    Psychology on the aftermath of betrayal

    People everywhere experience the harshness of betrayal. Whether it was when a friend hung out with someone else, a boss not giving a promotion he promised, or a spouse's infidelity. These events can have a horrible effect on a...

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    • Hi Adalia, I liked when you talked about recovery from betrayal, because it happens a lot nowadays and people can end up harming themselves or others. Betrayal always hurts emotionally and physically and a lot of people went through that, including me. Thank you for writing about such an important topic, I am looking forward for your next writing.

    • Hello Adalia, thank you for addressing Betrayal and how much of a negative impact it could have on someone’s health. I rarely see Betrayal in particular being discussed. Many people get betrayed, but others tend to brush it off because “they’ll get over it.” Being betrayed, especially from someone close, could make someone feel worthless and bring them down into a bad mental state. Not only is seeing a therapist important, but I think that more people should try to understand and support the person who was betrayed rather than saying they’ll be fine.

    • Dear Adalia,

      well reading your posted about ¨psychology on the aftermath of betrayal ¨this really impressed me because it´s talking about emotions. i think i it impressive to see how people feel and see other people feels busing other people feelings .

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: ¨When it comes to those feelings, something as serious as depression could occur and cause the victim to become a danger to themselves and others.¨. i think that this sentence stand out to me because it just show me that people can be use because of there mental health.

      Thank you for writing. i look forward to your next writing because i really like how you see people emotions in different ways.


    • Dear Adalia :
      I have touched on this research of yours, “phycology on the aftermath of betrayal,” because it talks about how some people question their worth after being betrayed as if they are not good enough.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “These events can have a horrible effect on a person’s mindset causing them to question their worth or rather if it’s possible to ever trust again.” I think this is a little sad because people start to question if they even have value.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have some very interesting resaerch.
      Maria zavala

    • I Adalia,
      I love the way you talk about recovery from betrayal as this is not often talked about. It has become a lot more common and I know several people as well as myself that could benefit from this. Betrayal brings an emotional plain so strong that it turns physical and I think it is very important to spread awareness of removing from this. I am looking forward to your next writing.

    • This is an extremely interesting and important topic! It is not often spoken about, but it is nice to read about! I think that the idea that betrayal can have a significant decrease in trust, not only with the person but in general, is very true. The ideas behind the process of overcoming this kind of hurt show that our generation is making a difference in the world of mental health, and being more open about our struggles. Thanks for sharing!

    • I love the topic of this post, it is very detailed and helpful. I like how you talk about the aftermath of betrayal, it is not talked about enough. One thing you could improve on would be to go into more detail about the meaning of betrayal. Overall this post is very informative and interesting!

    • I think you picked a very interesting topic that a lot of people can relate to on a very personal interest. It is important that you mentioned that there are different types of betrayal, which validates everyone’s experience because not everyone experiences things like betrayal in the same way. You picked a very credible source by using an author with a Ph. D.; however, I think you could have transitioned into your quote a smoother. Overall, you wrote a great blog on a very fascinating topic.

    • Adalia, I honestly would’ve never thought about how betrayal affects someone. Of course, the idea of healing and possible forgiveness from betrayal is something I know about, but the full depth of the concept and how it affects someone’s mental health is something I’ve personally never looked at. Your descriptions of how people get over betrayal are so ranges and show how much you know about the topic and how much you want to educate people on the concept. So, thank you for bringing this to my attention!

  • I really admire your use of evidence to defend your reasoning while discussing mental health. This topic was very insightful and full of knowledge. I do agree that the use of technology is lacking in terms of mental health aid and the fact that it sometimes does more harm than good. I feel that this issue is important enough to find a way to fix…Read More



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