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  • I love this photograph! I wish I could have been there for that talk- sounds like he knew a lot about photography!

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    This is so relevant nowadays with how popular brands like supreme are. I think it’s so interesting that people have the desire to have all the limited edition stuff even if it’s not quality. Sounds like a great essay!

  • In this essay, We find out why music makes us feel emotions. Because we recognize different speech and sound patterns as associating with different emotions and feelings instinctually, when we hear music that

  • This past week we have been working with the Gale website to find more sources about our research projects. I did not have very much luck with them, but I have been looking up more info on the correlation of music

  • I have chosen to write about the effect that music has on our emotions. I am interested in this mainly because of my interest in film scores- they are so full of emotion. I’ve listened to them outside of the

    • Alea- this is an interesting topic to research. I think its interesting that you brought up the point that we relate music to movements. This is so true and I think this topic leaves a lot of room for study and research. Im interested to find out if there are studies directly correlating our emotions to the different music we listen to

  • This sounds really interesting! It would be cool to see how each type of broken home is linked to development in children, or to see if it has any links to childhood mental illness. A lit of childhood psychologists have studied the effects of a broken home on a developing adolescent. Some of those articles might be a little more helpful. Good…[Read more]

  • Great article, Rylan! I think the idea of a more extensive space program is very interesting. In my opinion, America has a lot of things it needs to spend money on here on the ground (such as helping the homeless and equal rights for women) before it can really invest itself in exploring the new frontier that is space. Once living conditions are…[Read more]

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    I’m loving your writing style and this piece! It’s a bit confusing to me, for example, when you say “Scolded by my own doing/ I know what has been done/ Yet the eyes are focused outside” it leaves me with a chilling image, but a still very vague idea of what you are saying. This style reminds me a bit of how Sylvia Plath writes sometimes- it’s…[Read more]

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    I love this poem! I’m glad that someone else also sys “don’t give a care” haha! I also relate to this so closely- having a couple close friends, having fun like there is no tomorrow, and being there for others. Those are things I personally try to do in my life as well 🙂

  • Hi Tevy!
    I couldn’t agree more with your info about beauty standards. Many people these days become so obsessed with fitting beauty standards in their culture/country that they forget this one thing: The only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself. The opinions of others really don’t matter when it comes to your look and your body- if…[Read more]

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    Hi Natalie! Great article you have here! As a uniform-wearing student, i do have a couple things I would like to say about the uniform life. I have been wearing uniforms since I was seven, and I have definitely felt the oppressive nature of wearing those boring khaki pants and white shirt every day (oh, the angsty tween years). I LOVE to dress up-…[Read more]

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  • Hi Monica!
    This book sounds very interesting! The theme you are describing in the book seems so familiar to me- because it is unfortunately very common in media today. I think your opinion on how mental illness is handles in society is spot on- people treat you differently or become afraid of you when you tell them about your problems. This…[Read more]

  • Hey Celia!
    First of all, i would like to tell you that this was a really nice piece of writing and i am SO glad you chose to speak out about such an important topic. Talking about the “taboo” that surrounds the female body is something that I think we really need to address these days. It’s stupid that girls are taught to cover up or to act a…[Read more]

  • I completely agree, Chloe. Your point about Trump never having to deal with this issue is spot on. I think Hillary, as a woman, has a much better understanding of women’s rights. Excited to see your future posts!! 🙂

  • There are many theories about why people have unique personality traits. Some theories suggest that nature and nurture play the main role in someone’s personality, but others suggest that people are born with

    • Hey Alea! If you are interested in psychology, with regards to personality, I recommend researching Carl Jung. His ideas and analysis are the basis for a large majority of psychology. Another psychologist I recommended is Burrhus Frederic Skinner. He has an excellent book called Walden Two.

  • This is definitely a hot topic with the election coming up. I very much agree with you though- we need a president who can increase good relations with other countries, AS WELL as deal with problems in our own

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    • I think you were going to a good place, but your picture is blocking most of your text. Maybe try to rework that. 🙂