• This is a PSA for an assignment on climate change.

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  • This was very well thought out. You used many in-text citations to show the various aspects of your topic and had each paragraph very focused on a specific aspect. I especially liked the paragraph that was second to last. I found it interesting how you related various countries lack of industrialization as a key part of why they struggle to feed…[Read more]

  • Abinaov

    Ms. Read

    American Lit. 9, 2nd hour

    17 October 2016

    Combating Climate Change

    Climate change is a real problem that is continually getting worse. Reduced crop yields, rising sea  levels, more intense

    • just giving u some help i loved the essay but your date is messed up and says october of 2016

  • Your info-graphic looks great. I quite like all of the statistics you put in as well as the the section where you put in possible solutions to the problem of mental health in schools.

  • I quite like your info-graphic, there is not as much talk about the Syrian Civil War as there should be. It seems that people here in the U.S. are often more concerned with the terrorism threat posed by extremist rebel groups in the war than the actual war itself.

    • Abinaov, I also made an infograph about climate change, and I agree that global warming is one of the biggest problems in the world today. I appreciate how you used many data to support your topic.

    • Abinaov, I also chose to cover the topic of climate change. It will be interesting to see the results which both of our respective research efforts will uncover. So far it looks like you have lots of good data.

    • Abinaov, I love this info graphic because it includes so much information. I love the specific details and examples. I am looking forward to what you come up with next. Keep up the good work.

    • Nice job; this looks really nice! I think you did a really good job at putting down important information to share why you find climate change to be an important topic. I agree that it is a problem that we really need to focus on today too.

    • Nice job! I like what you put together here in your infographic, analyzing and informing your audience about an issue you care about deeply. I also like that you gave an example on Lake Tahoe. Well done.


    • Wow Abinaov, this is really good you put examples and details so I can get a fuller understanding on the situation. I didn’t know that the world is producing more co2 now than ever before.

    • Hey, Abinaov! Not only does your chart contain important information, but it also does so in a nice image! I think the theme that you have relates to your topic wonderfully. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • This is a good representation of what you are trying argue/inform the reader of. I would argue with you that global warming is a huge problem and that a larger effort needs to be made in order to stop global warming.

    • I’ve been to Lake Tahoe in the past, and while I was there, I had background knowledge about the clear blue waters, and when I got there, it wasn’t as how I pictured it or how it was viewed before. The facts and science behind it all from your infographic helps make sense. Good job.

    • Abinaov, I really like the way you made this infographic to explain your topic. It is very well organized and easy to understand.

    • Abinaov, I like how the images in your infographic really relate to your topic. I also like how many facts you used to support your topic as well as draw people in. I completely agree with you that climate change is a big issue and needs to be addressed. Awesome work!

    • Abinaov, I like how the photographs tie into the topic of your infographic. There is a lot of debate about what we should do to prevent climate change, and the effects of it. This infographic really displays climate change very well.

  • I found the blue fourth section to be very interesting. I had never thought about how the mass donation of foodstuffs could reduce food prices nor damage developed countries prestige.

  • You may not have noticed, but your group did not actually edit the bottom two thirds of your info graphic. You left all of the default text.

  • It surprises me how little, compared to everything else, NASA is funded, yet it contributes so much to society and knowledge.

  • This Url is to the U.N.’s page on climate change. I annotated it with hypothes.is, add onto it if you wish.

    Photo by Ian D. Keating

  • Good job. Your piece was quite well mapped out. I especially liked the third paragraph where you showed how Jim was humanized to both the audience and to Huck. You had shown the different types of freedom the characters sought, Jim wanted literal freedom from slavery, where as Huck wanted metaphorical freedom from an oppressive society.

  • Hi Tuan, I agree that Twain had used dialect in his writing quite well in most instances. Although I don’t believe he had spent much effort on the dialect of the real Wilks brothers. They seemed quite normal. Other than that, the various groups in the story had distinguishable dialects.

  • Abinaov

    Ms. Free

    American Lit., 2nd hour

    14 May 2017

    Huckleberry Finn: To Follow Society or Your Own Beliefs

    Disclaimer: This is written about the book Huckleberry Finn, and contains numerous

    • Hi Abinaov!
      Great post! I agree with you that Ms. Watson unintentionally normalized slavery. I believe that the journey that Jim and Huck embarked on truly gave a chance for them to connect and see each other not as society saw them. If you think about it, this novel is truly a work of art. It flawlessly brings attention to the issues during that time period by capturing their journey and uses satire to bring emphasis to other minor issues at the time as well! This book is definitely on my favorites list!

  • Xochitl, I also wrote about climate change, though your piece was far more focused on facts. My piece was centered a bit more on effects we could see here in Michigan as well as social/economic factors related to climate change. I quite liked yours as it sounded significantly better than what I wrote.


    Combat Climate Change

    The issue I am the most concerned about is climate change, especially the lack of meaningful changes implemented by the government to significantly slow down its effects. I had not

  • I also wrote about Huck’s abusive father. I like how the quote you chose actually gave an example of the father’s personality. The quote I chose was more about the Judge’s opinion of the father.

  • I agree Joseph, the it was quite ironic how the “civilized” people were prone to violence, but the “uncivilized” Huck was not. I like how you related the Grangerfords all the way back to Miss Watson and her rules.


    April 24th, 2017

    Chapter 5

    Pg. 20: “The judge he felt kind of sore. He said he reckoned a body could reform the old man with a shotgun, maybe, but he didn’t know no other way.”


    The book took pl

    • Abinoav I totally agree. Using historical context, back in the early 19th century they really didn’t have any laws specifying with child abuse. I like how you used historical context to connect quotes from the book to specific conflicts and themes.

    • Abinaov,
      I also wrote about Huck’s father’s abuse in my dialectic journal because it is such a significant aspect of the novel. I think that adding historical context with child abuse laws during the time period in your dialectic journal was a really smart idea. It helps to clarify why no one has ever stopped Huck’s abuse like they would in modern times.

    • Hi Abinaov!
      It is sad to think about the number of child abuse events that has taken place during this time period. Although society knew it was wrong, they just didn’t know what steps to take to prevent it from happening! Nice job!

  • I believe that change is, far more often than not, of benefit to humanity. Unfortunately, though, we as humans fear change. It is the unknown, and the unknown may be worse than the current. Like it or not though,

    • Hi Abinaov, it’s nice to hear this perspective on change. I, too, find myself frightened by change, but in my personal experience, it doesn’t do well to dwell on the fear that change may cause. It is often better to move on and react to the change positively, rather than being worried about it. I enjoyed your writing. Nice work!

    • Hello Abinaov! I like you piece as I think you have hit some really key points that a lot of people can relate to. Change can be scary, but that change might ultimately be a good thing. Even if the change is good there is probably still going to be resistance to it because a fear. Whether the reservations to change are rational or irrational there will most likely be reservations in one way or another. Thank you for sharing you opinion. Keep up the good work!

    • Abinaov,
      I really enjoyed your writing, and I have found that it is very true. I am not necessarily frightened by change, but I have certainly been apprehensive towards it many times. Fear is something that does nothing but hold us back, no matter what we are afraid of, and I really see fear as something to overcome. Your perspective was refreshing and it was cool to see what you thought about change. Nice job!

    • Abinaov, your perspective on change really spoke to me as when I was younger I moved states and was very worried about the friends I would lose, and if I gained any. Change is something we must become accustomed with because it is the only way we can accept all, and discover who we truly are. Thanks for your post

    • Hey Abinaov, I really enjoyed your writing about change. I thought it was cool how you brought examples from history and also your own life. I especially liked how you told us that change is inevitable, and I think this is a topic that can be expanded on. In my opinion most often change that is out of our control is what’s most inevitable and has the biggest consequences. However I find that these negative events or changes are often the best type. I believe that in the face of adversity and turmoil is when individuals and whole groups can really grow and blossom. If people are never pushed than they can never achieve there true potential, so no matter what the change is you can always make something positive out of it.

    • Hi Abinaov! I completely agree with your post. Change is not something we have to fear but embrace. We always change so slowing it or stopping could cause major issues for everyone in the future. We only learn if we are able to change what we do.

  • Hi, I was your secret writing pal, Zachary. In your post you say that things along the lines that abortion is bad due to even at an early development, a fetus, which is a clump of cells, is still a life. So how would animals in slaughterhouses be very different? They are also life that is extinguished from the world.

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