• Dear Sergio,
    I thought your post was very moving and very informative. You used a lot of information that gets people thinking about the effects of immigration and what it does to families and children. I think you bring up a great argument. Here is some more information I found about…[Read more]

  • Hi Pauline,
    I think your post is very interesting because I don’t think many people are looking at this situation this way because they are only worried about the virus. I think you bring up very good arguments and facts that prove that with people staying home we are helping the earth. Here is another source I found that can help with your…[Read more]

  • There has been a surge of skilled women in the workplace. “As more women find their way into high-skill jobs and acquire more education, the gender wage gap narrows,” says researchers. Women are in the

  • Hi Kelsey,
    I found what you wrote was very interesting and it makes people reading think about the argument you are portraying. The reason this was so interesting to read was because not many people talk about whether assisted suicide should be legal. Most people read or hear the word suicide and don’t want to talk about it because of the…[Read more]

  • Hi Kayla.
    I agree with your argument that school should start later in order for students to get more sleep and maintain good mental health. You addressed a very good problem that if school were to start later, then most students would stay up later at night because they know they can. I found this link that might interest you and give more…[Read more]

  •           Unequal pay between men and women is sports has been an ongoing issue. Women have been fighting for a while to get equal pay, but there still hasn’t been any visible change to this issue. The men’s s

  • I think your article brings up a very good point and is relatable to some people. I agree that opioids are a danger for most people, but some people don’t see it that way because they are suffering from so much pain that it is their only resort. Here is another source that I think could help you as well.…[Read more]

  • Hello Danny,
    I really liked your article because it relates to many kids today and it presents many facts that make young people realize how dangerous underage drinking is so they will stop doing it. You are right when you say that underage teens need to be aware of the decisions they are making and the consequences that follow. Here is another…[Read more]

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    Many Americans today are being cautious about social media sites giving news. Getting news from social media sites has become increasingly common amongst Americans today. Nearly three-in-ten Americans

  • Dear Amani,
    I found this article to be very interesting and many kids taking standardized tests can relate to it. I agree that standardized tests don’t show the full capabilities of a student is they aren’t tests takers and I don’t think that they should be required. I feel like they are seen as the most important factor of getting into a college…[Read more]

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    Dear Mariely,
    I found your post very informative and interesting. It is a very relevant topic for people today and most kids can relate to this because they find themselves looking at their phones while driving more often than not. I agree that texting and driving causes most accidents and leads to death, which makes texting and driving of little…[Read more]

  • Most Americans believe that young adult children are relying too much on their parents, especially for financial help. It is believed that young adults in their early twenties should be financially independent.

  • Dear Sophie,
    I agree with your post because I think that having more than two hours of homework becomes counterproductive because we aren’t necessarily focused on learning rather than getting it done because we have too much stress. Homework enhances the learning process until it becomes so stressful that it impedes our learning process.…[Read more]

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    Dear Kaya,
    I agree with your article in the fact that people need to fully understand both sides to fully make their own opinion. I think you could’ve included a little part about your own opinion and make it known to the readers why you think it is important to address this topic. You could also include information about the majority opinion of…[Read more]

  • There has been a nationwide outbreak of severe respiratory illnesses associated with vaping. More and more stories are coming out about people dying or having severe health issues from vaping related

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