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    This is something everyone can relate to considering that we all have math class, job well done!

  • Your use of imagery and description in this poem is really nice!

  • I agree with your stance this has to be an issue that everyone cares about. Our enviroment isn’t something that can be solved in four years but will take a long period of time.

  • I think that it’s true that people today are more concerned with what is fast and cheap than what is good for their bodies.

  • Medical waste is having a negative impact on our environment. Medical waste is often an umbrella term for any possibly infectious waste produced in a healthcare facility.To fix the problem of excess medical waste

  • In my recent research into medical waste and its impact on the Earth’s environment I looked to the EBSCO databases for help. According to Environmental Health Perspectives in an article in 2012 they talked about t

    • Abi,
      I agree with your idea of cleaning up waste from medical procedures. Materials used during surgery can be quite dangerous to people who may come by them such as needles. The amount of trash collected from these procedures is astounding as I feel a good amount of material can be reused, but we instead just throw it away. Creating a system of recycling materials used in medical procedures could greatly decrease the waste we put into the environment and money used to replace materials.

  • Lilly, this is a topic that relates to all of us.It could be neat if you looked at people like monks that mediate for a large amount time in their lives and how it impacts them. You could also look into the effects it has on youth.

  • In my research this week about medical waste and its impact on our environment I learned a lot about how we deal and can deal with medical waste. There are multiple different untraditional ways that  we can deal

  • I am researching the impact of medical waste on our environment. I am interested in this topic because it impacts everyone not just a single group of people, almost everyone has had a shot or had some medical

  • This is a subject that you could write about for days, there is endless ways that genetic engineering can impact our world. Another topic that goes along with genetic engineering is gene sequencing. They might have some overlap you can look into.

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    This is a super interesting topic to right about, check out this article about ways to reduce plastic solution https://www.nrdc.org/stories/10-ways-reduce-plastic-pollution

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    Today we go to school in a world filled with technology. One of the largest uses now a days for technology is school; it gives students an access to a plethora of information in an instant. I agree that school’s should really look at what sites they are blocking and how to get after internet.

  • I completely agree with you, as someone with multiple tattoos I see where you are coming from. Check out this article it looks at the topic from the other side; http://www.businessinsider.com/what-hiring-managers-really-think-of-your-tattoos-2016-1.

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    I see your point yet I disagree. I have worn a uniform for 12 years and have never felt like I wasn’t an individual. At times I can see the hatred for the uniforms it’s one I have myself; but it allows for I think for everyone to focus on school not who is waring what. Everyone finds their way to be an individual with in the uniform rules.

  • Tevy,
    As a young women living in the same society as you I couldn’t agree more with your stance on the subject. This is a message that I believe needs to be more widely known about. Today young girls are impacted by our society and effects them for the rest of their lives. Amazing post!

  • I agree with your stance on the cost of a education. I know from my personal experience with this issue the cost of a school can make or brake the school itself in our minds. We often aren’t looking at how good the school really is but how in the world are we going to pay for the cost of classes let alone for room and board.

  • I totally agree with your points. As young people in a world where not many people seem to care about the rise in obesity we need to be informed about what we put into our bodies. We also don’t the repercussions GMO’s might have on our bodies later in life.

  • In the world of renewable energy the sources are great and the possibilities seem greater. With today’s technology the thought that renewable energy sources besides natural gas seem to be something very p

    • I like the subject of your post, but it seemed your thoughts were a little jumbled. It was a good idea, but perhaps organize what you want to say a bit more next time. I like how you stayed neutral on your opinion though. Nice!

    • Yeah it is a little all over the place but the theme and your message are explained very well.

  • People of today seem are often concerned with what makes them beautiful. But who and what defines beauty. Over the millennium that humans have existed the social ideals of beauty have changed. In the ancient Greek

    • Dear abi :
      I am interested with your post “Who and what defines beauty,” because nobody and nothing can really define beauty.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “People of today seem are often concerned with what makes them beautiful. But who and what defines beauty. ” I think this is true because girls try hard to look nice and to look better than other girls.
      Another sentence that I read was: “Today we seem to have many different ideas of what the ideal beauty is” This stood out for me because we all have different opinions and don’t all think the same.
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time i thought my outfit was cute but these girls at my middle school made fun of me and made me feel less than myself and made me think that i don’t know what beauty is. I thought i can never get beautiful but now i can .
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i wanna be able to share this quote to my peers who think they are better than someone and who likes to bring people down because the way they look

    • Dear Abi,
      I couldn’t agree more with you about what you said in your post. I don’t think girls should feel pressured to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. I feel that the society we live in today does focus on physical appearance, rather than inner beauty. I also really enjoyed reading the article you linked in your post. It was really interesting. I would say that beauty is happiness, just like the article stated. Beauty is more than what you see in magazines and having good cheekbones, it is about being happy with yourself.

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