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    "coding" my view!

    What is coding ? People usually say that Coding is a skill where you take instructions (the steps in a task) and translate it into a language the computer understands since computers do not communicate like humans. , but...

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    • Dear Abigail:
      I am thrilled by your post “coding” my view” because you explain what coding is about and that people do not need to be expert to use this coding program.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “This makes me think that using Resnick’s 4 p roject peers passion and play to enable people see the simplicity as well as encourage them to use coding (scratch) as a computational tool.” I think this is an excellent point because this will allow people to learn from different point of view where they will be interested about their project. I believe Redneck’s Four P’s of Creative Learning will help us to engage children in the classroom.
      Another sentence that I enjoyed was: “From this, I also believe that we can use coding to teach children who are fluent in languages other than English using the coding system or picture language coordination so they can have fun with it but learn at the same time.” This stood out for me because I created a Scratch program where it said the vowels in English and Spanish and it as very cool. I found that I could this extension blocks to created lessons that support non-English speaking students.

      Have you seen this I thought you might be interested in this because of it talks about how coding could be implemented as play and hands-on ways to support children’ exploration.  
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you did a great emphasis that coding is for everyone.

    • Dear Abigail:
      I am excited to read about how you define coding in your post, ” ‘Coding’ My View”, because I feel like it corrects the misconception that many have as to what coding truly is. I think many times we rely on a definition that has been implanted in us because of what we have heard others say or what we see in the media, but it is truly much simpler than that. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Does this mean that coding is for only people who are computer geeks or people who are interested in stem and computer science or technology? no!”. I think this is awesome because the quote confronts a bias that many people hold. It is good to be confronted about the preconceived notions that we hold without even noticing the damage that they can do. Another sentence that I enjoyed was: “I believe early childhood educator should have the option of introducing coding in their setting not as a mandatory content but as an option in the technology center in the classroom to develop the interest of children in coding before they reach the elementary or higher levels and also for them to see it as a fun content for every one and not geeks only”. This stood out for me because we as teachers may not have the means or approval to engage in teaching coding as a required subject area, but if we expose them to it occassionally and allow them to interact with it, they may develop an interest in computer science and see themselves as capable of coding. 

      Have you seen this article “Coding and Computational Thinking in Early Childhood: The Impact of ScratchJr in Europe”?( I thought you might be interested in this because it speaks of the way that Scratch Jr. was used in Europe in Early Childhood to have students engage in Coding and Computational Thinking. 

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I would love to read about the ways you discovered the best methods to have students engage in computational thinking. It is truly a skill that they would benefit from in the long run. 

    • Dear Abigail,
      I was instantly intrigued by your post because lets face it coding is the new up and coming way in any educators world ! I enjoyed reading about the difference of opinion people may have about coding in general because it is most certainly not just for the ” Geeks and IT people but has so much more to offer our youth and educators. I love that you address this because so many topics having to do with Computers is often waved off to those who are fond of computers when no!! our current generations and NOW students are becoming the crew that is picking apart computers and reaching their very high invested goals using computers. I also love that you mentioned having the children interest be met through coding. Steering away from formal instruction where children do not have an input in the kind of education they are receiving, I think it is extremely important that we tackle this new technology by introducing it to students attached to their interests specifically. Any child is able to ,earn steps of coding without even realizing they are putting their coding skills to use. This fascinates me because even I dont believe I am very techno-Savy. However in using scratch and getting myself interested in creating content I know that this is really for anyone ! and can help may come of of that shell if thinking they cant ! it is definitely not just for GEEKS.
      Thank you for sharing all of this information
      I found this really neat video about children with coding check it out when you have a chance

  • @abigailstem Hi Abigail,
    It looks like you need a little help getting started with the Algorithms Playlist. Let us know when you want to work on this with us.

  • thank you appreciating his work . that my pride and motivation

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    don’t worry we have to make it work any way we can
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