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    In this website, "Planned Parenthood" it informs women of all ages about the pros and cons about abortion as well as providing help for pregnant women. I learned that they made this website specifically to help people, specifically women...

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  • Dear Sarah, 
    Your post made me think about those who think differently about abortion. I do agree with you in some aspects because women may have different reasons as to getting an abortion. Something I wonder is if people think that women should get punished for abortion?


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    "Roe vs. Wade" Incident

    In this article, “Roe vs. Wade” I learned that Roe essentially filed a lawsuit against Wade. Roe did this because she was strongly going against abortion and wanted to essentially make abortion illegal. On the other hand, Wade strongly...

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    In the article, "Abortion Is Finally Being Seen As A Medical Ethics Issue" I learned that people believe that abortion is never the answer. The main focus of this article is to inform people how abortion is wrong in...

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    • When it comes to the discussion between being pro-life and pro-choice there is a lot of nuance in this conversation. While I personally disagree with you on many points I commend you for acknowledging that your opinion may change. I recommend you read this article in which this quote describes the core of why I am pro-choice, “But I do not believe that life as we know it starts at conception. I am troubled by the implications of a fetus having legal rights because that could pit the fetus against the woman carrying the fetus; for example, if the woman needed a medical procedure, the law could require the fetus to be considered separately and equally.” This idea of how we prioritize a fetus over the mother is a heated rooted in misogyny and the patriarch. I wonder if you would be willing to research this idea of reasons to get an abortion and cross-reference it with the pro-life stance.

  • Dear Naralee,

    Your post made me think about how people think differently now about abortion. I noticed that we think the same way about abortion overall, we both believe that abortion shouldn’t be okay if the baby is already developing. As you continue to research I hope you learn more about personal situations having to due with abortion.…Read More

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“Roe vs. Wade” Incident


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