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    the repetition in your poem is great. it really emphasizes the cyclical nature of earth’s seasons. great job!

  • a harsh chaotic melody

    echoes through the storm drenched clouds

    and orchestral raindrops

    and i sit and smile and listen

    to the music of the geese

    whose snowy wings float high above

    and the aria goes on

    • Abigail, this is so beautiful! It is a great example of a short and sweet poem describing the beauty of nature. I really like “orchestral raindrops”, it creates a great visual of rain falling into a perfect melody. You are really good with imagery and I look forwards to seeing your next poems.

    • Abigail, this poem is amazing. It shows great imagery and describes everything out in the world. I like this poem a lot and it creates a lot of images that I see where I live. Hope to see more poems in the future.

    • Abigail, you did an amazing job on this poem. You are truly a poet! I love the reoccurring theme of music and orchestra, I truly appreciated that in your poem. I’m looking forward to seeing your next poems.

    • Abby, I really love the imagery you used in this piece and the descriptive wording that created such a precise picture in my mind. Your choice of words is powerful and really adds to the voice of your poem, bringing out strong emotions in the reader.

    • Hi Abigail. Great word choice! I would love to see a summary of a deciphered version of your statement, very intreated in what this is about

    • Abby, your poem was beautiful. I could picture a perfect snapshot of the moment you were trying to capture because of your strong diction and unique voice. I can’t wait to read more of your work.

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