• As a part of the media phase, my group decided to create a poster to raise awareness. I decided on a simpler, more to the point design.

  • Food is one of the basic necessities of life. It doesn’t just keep us alive, however. It enables us to excel. Without proper nutrition, we can’t learn and grow to our full potential. This is where the issue of sch

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  • Here is the link of annotations I did on this article as research:

    • Interesting annotations and article, Abdullah. I found your observations on the subject to be insightful. School lunch doesn’t sound like an interesting issue at first, but seeing you looking into it has given it a bit of interest.

    • I think you picked a very important topic to research. You highlighted some key ideas and you found some great statistics. Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is especially relevant now due to the change of office. I think you also did a great job picking out the most impoartant details and not actually highlighting the entire article.

    • Good job pulling out the key evidence and details from the text. I also appreciated the topic that you chose, since many people do not realize the main issue or that there even was an issue to begin with. Another thing that I thought you did well was hoe you wrote an actual annotation for each piece highlighted to show your thinking instead of just highlighting. Keep up the good work!

  • Religion is something that has always been under scrutiny. It’s not really a current issue, or a recent issue I should say, but it’s definitely something that I think is worth talking about since it’s so contr

  • The collective opinion versus one person’s thoughts and morals has always been a relevant conflict throughout history. Do you conform to society, or follow what you deem right? Yeah, the majority has a higher p

    • This really leaves a person thinking. Great topic for a blog & the title really is an attention grabber. I like the references made within your points.

  • This is one entry from a dialectic journal about the book Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Specifically, in reference to chapters 9-12. What’s italicized is what I wrote originally, and everything else is added now

    • Hello Abdullah, I find it interesting too that they talk about hiding a dead body at the start of the story. But I feel like that is a great intro to start the book.It really wants the reader the read more of the story. I don’t know Huck wants to be like Tom so much. It keeps getting him in trouble. But at one point I think he will learn his lesson.

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    I believe that fate is an excuse. It’s a made up concept to abandon all responsibility for your future. If you think that no matter what, something will end up happening, what’s the point in trying? In rea

    • Hi Abdullah! I agreed with your fate essay. I too believe that fate is not just brought on you, that you have to work to get a dream, and even if you work hard to get what you want things can change. I know what it is like to have setbacks. I even have two close friends who had setbacks in their lives that stopped them from what they enjoyed doing. One friend had to be amputated and another broke her back, but even today they have found new ways to be themselves even though they lost what they truly loved.

    • Hi Abdullah, I like your gate essay a lot. You put so much passion into it. It hard to be told that a person can’t do something but they have to be able to see what else there is around you to do. There is always something to do. We just have to be able to try new things.

    • Hey Abdullah! I loved listening to your essay because your compassion was so evident. I agree with you that the ultimate outcome of our lives is not fully determined by what we do. My dad went to law school and loved studying law but when he graduated jobs were scarce and times were hard for a while. Even though he worked so hard and went through so much college, things weren’t all happy go lucky like most people expect to happen.

    • Hi Abdullah!
      This is a very powerful piece! I too agree with your stance on how faith is just an excuse to get out of doing work but there are also things that are not in our reality to achieve. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    • Abdullah, your essay is very thought provoking. It’s really hard when you’re expecting something in life to go one way and depending on it and yearning for it and it gets snatched right out of your hands. I completely understand why it would make you question the idea of fate. I love how you were able to be vulnerable with this essay and talk about how events in your life affected your ideals. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey Lauren! I agree, we were pretty lucky that our previous president cared as much as he did about the environment, but even that isn’t enough if the next president ignores it. There do need to be lasting efforts towards its preservation, since it’s an issue that effects all of us.

  • Education should be something that is available for all, regardless of what your income is. There should be options for anyone that wants it, and student debt is a major issue for many that are planning on

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