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  • Bella,
    You had a lot of great information regarding technology and how as of recent it has changed our exposure to bullying. After reading your article it made me wonder what we can do in the future to help children avoid bullying. It seems like there is so much good and bad that can come from cell phones that it would be extremely difficult to…Read More

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    Abby commented on the post, Abortion: Part 4

    I liked that you picked such a controversial topic and used your findings to generate your opinion rather than to make one without thinking it through. I really enjoyed reading about not only your response to the topic but also the responses of many others. Your information was clear and concise and seeing those responses from 100 others…Read More

  • Ed,
    After reading your post it left me wondering where my family dynamic and others fits into your research. It’s amazing how much influence parents actions have on children and just how much they absorb. I never knew that not only can behaviors and skills affect development but also they way we react to those behaviors. In the article,…Read More

  • Jenessa,
    I really enjoyed reading your article. I have lived in slc my whole life and I had no idea there was that much that went into the inversion other than the vague answer always given of pollution. The facts and detail you went into were very interesting and eye-opening for me. I am also very upset by the inversion and do my best to carpool…Read More

  • Cheryl,
    I really enjoyed reading your article and it reminded me of some news I recently read about Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. The two actor in November had to do a re-shoot for a movie they were doing and by the end of the nine day re-shoot Mark Wahlberg walked away with $1.5 million dollars after reshooting the same scenes while…Read More

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