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    Abby commented on the post, Zoos aren't cool

    Your article was very informative and in the fourth paragraph where you mention “in the last 20 years, 42 animals have been killed for escaping or getting too close to humans” I became very frustrated. I have heard about the cruelty that comes with zoos and the lack of food, freedom, respect, etc, but I had never heard of actually killing…Read More

  • Lexi,
    I also agree that mental health is not discussed enough in society making it a taboo and frowned upon. I could tell you felt very passionate about your research and wanted to enact change and your posting about metal health awareness already seems like a step in the right direction. Organizations that share the same passion as you for…Read More

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    Abby commented on the post, Animal Welfare

    Your post was clearly something you are very passionate about which made it evoke even more in me. After reading you post it frustrated me how cooperations have been treating animals. It amazes me that we can treat other creatures who have perceptions of pain, freedom, hunger, etc. with such cruelty. I know so many people in my life who…Read More

  • Jessica,
    I could tell house passionate you were about you topic, which was part of the reason I found it so interesting. After reading your article it made me disappointed in how expensive education is when its obvious how much we need it. Education is at the root of all change, and with everything going on in the world right now I believe we need…Read More

  • Jenessa,
    I liked that you organized your article in two very throughout paragraphs discussing two very different, but very real, negative affects of social media. I knew that social media and technology as whole affects our self image and social aspects but I never knew it had so much to do with our physical health. It scares me to know…Read More

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