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    I never knew there were that many words in the English language and despite there being 200,000 I still often struggle with what to say. Like you, I also enjoy the word enigma and heard it first in the imitation game. There’s a certain mystery to the word itself and it almost sounds like another language. thank you for your post, and I…[Read more]

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    I have heard of lucid dreaming but I’ve never realized that it could possibly help and prepare us for the next day. That’s such an interesting concept that maybe we can meditate, study for a test, or plan an event all while we are asleep. Like your post, this article talks about the benefits of lucid dreaming and you might find it…[Read more]

  • As it gets colder in Salt Lake City the homeless will begin to face a crisis unlike any other. Because of these freezing temperatures shelters and The Road Home will become packed to full capacity leaving many

    • Sofia replied 1 month ago

      Homelessness is a massive problem in Salt Lake City and it’s great to see that we are beginning to take steps toward solving the epidemic. Homeless people are human and they deserve a shot at regaining their life just like anybody else.

    • I like that Chief Brown is invested in this cause, but I’m a little concerned that his main way to “end homelessness” is to place narcotics officers and patrols in the area. You say they are there to “provide assistance” to the homeless people, but I’m interested to know if they do more than simply make drug busts.
      Way to be interested in this cause, though- interesting article. It’s clear that you care about this issue.

  • Gigi,
    I really enjoyed how descriptive you were in your topic. The words you used to describe the feeling of saying the word “love” made me feel like I was saying it and describing it as well. I thought it was interesting how this one word had such a huge impact on your life and how you treat people. The way you treated people when you were little…[Read more]

  • Mauro,
    I really like that in your post you not only expressed your opinion but you also brought forth your experiences and observations. I agree that the Unites States needs to change drastically and I especially liked that you pointed out that we are the United States, not the divided states. Your topic was very current and very interesting to…[Read more]

  • I agree that is a problem that needs to be solved but I don’t know how easily this can be achieved. This fight for gender equality has been happening for so long and it seems like no matter how hard people protest and try it doesn’t get fixed. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for this cause and your ideas for fixing it. The idea of a protest as…[Read more]

  • Nuong,
    I also agree that women should be able to do what they feel is right with their bodies whether that means abortion or other decisions. I think it is really awesome that you were willing write about such a big topic. Many people have very strong views towards this topic and your choice to express your opinion is very inspirational. I found…[Read more]

  • Lindsay,
    When reading your post it made me think a lot about my position and involvement in my family. I also am a twin and before reading your post I didn’t think twins could take on such opposite characteristics in a family dynamic but thinking about it now, I see examples of this throughout my relationship with my twin. Not only is my twin…[Read more]

  • Although there are countless religions around the world, something almost all of them have in common is God. God forms their daily lives and tells them what do, how to live, and who they are. God is at the center

    • Wow, what an interesting theory! I love your specific examples- they really helped guide your point along. This post is filled with so much feminism without directly calling it out, and I just love your question. Good job!


    • I believe god could be a female but I believe god is both female and male. We do not even know if there is a god, but if there is I believe he is equally everything. Here is an article you can read about gods gender identity, https://www.focusonthefamily.com/family-q-and-a/sexuality/god-and-man-as-male-and-female-implications-for-gender-identity. It is 2017 we do not need to identify if god is female or male. We do not assume gods gender.

    • I really like that you are questioning this, I think it is a really cool thing to think about. I think that while God doesn’t actually have a gender, God is portrayed most often as being male, and it causes us to see things that way. Most of the time females are wrapped into the idea of God it is when they are supporting characters to whatever God is doing, especially in the Bible. I think that God could be male, female, neither or both. However, on a personal level, I think everyone should see God in whatever way makes them the most comfortable, whether that means they see God as female, male, non existent, as a force, or anything in between. Great article!

    • Great article Abby! This question was never brought to my attention until last year in religion class at my private, Catholic high school. It seemed to be a very touchy subject to be discussing especially since Catholicism places importance on the domination of men over women. I agree with your viewpoints on how God can be both a man and a woman. Another point to reflect on is, during the time the Bible was written, people did not view men and women as equal, women were inferior. Considering this, if God was referred to as a woman he would not be taken seriously. Opening the world to another way of thinking about God, and learning to accept God whether he is female or not is something that everyone should consider.

    • This is really interesting and something I never really put much thought into because I am not very religious. If I had to say what gender God is I would love to imagine God as a woman. God is supposed to be this all loving being and I think the caring nature is closely connected to that of a woman. Im not quite sure whether God has a specific gender at all though. I think God should be seen however someone wants to see God. My God may be different from yours which could be different from another persons God. I think it is important that people view God in a way that is the best for them as an individual.

    • That is true, every religion is based on a higher power but its all interpreted in a different way. Buddhist believe once you reach enlightenment that you become one with yourself, beings around you, and the ‘divine energy’ that created this Earth. Christians look at it as just a God that is male but can fulfill both needs as a female and a male. This topic is really all about perspective. How I look at is, its just an entity full of love neither male or female. The only reason why God is said to be male in the bible is because when the bible was made, during that time period males were more respected than females. A female couldn’t be ‘in power.’ This entity or energy that we speak of can give love as a mother and love as a father there fore, the lord is no gender. Just simply love.

      Thank you for sharing this post! Loved reading it, made me want to discuss many topics. 🙂
      – Abi

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