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  • Alyssa wrote a new post

    The Pro-choice vs Pro-life Dilemma in Utah

    Politics is an ever-present topic in our daily lives. With the 2020 presidential election coming up, hot topics like immigration and abortion are talked about an obsessive amount. I wanted to research how my state has been handling the...

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  • Alyssa wrote a new post

    Protecting Our Right to Choose

    In 2019, a bill was introduced in Utah to put a ban on abortion at 18 weeks or later. Although this bill has taken a period of dormancy and not been pursued for a while, it has resurfaced again....

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    • The right to choose is so important and is something that is a big risk now. I think voters need to start understanding that not only is the presidential election so important but the elections going on in their own states can really affect their lives. I think your last paragraph is super important, people should understand that staying silent is lethal to our country.

    • Ever since the Roe v. Wade court case was introduced, the constitutionality of abortion has been a huge topic of debate in our country. I think the recognition of this issue is important and I agree with you when I say that the constitutional right of choice is even more important. In order to make sure that women are able to have the choice of whether to abort or not, especially in Utah with the recent resurfacing of this bill, it is important that all of us educate ourselves on the things that are happening and, furthermore, be involved in the government processes as much as we can. It is a woman’s constitutional right to choose whether or not to have an abortion and it is incomprehensibly important that every person fights to help keep this constitutional right.

    • I agree with you that we need to speak up and out. It’s the only way to change things. I think some people think that their opinion doesn’t matter or they don’t think they can make a difference, and they need to realize that every single person (or vote) is essential in helping women keep this important right of decision.

    • I agree that it is so important for us to become involved in government processes to maintain our constitutional rights. Making abortions illegal won’t stop them from happening, it will only put an end to safe abortions. If people are so focused on making abortions illegal, they should also be advocating for proper sex education in public and private schools, and better access to contraceptives. Thank you so much for talking about this topic. These conversations need to be continued in order to make sure our rights are protected.


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