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  • I think this is a part of our government that we have to really think about when it comes to its effectiveness and why the electoral college is there in the first place. It is such a controversial topic to some people, and I find it interesting a lot of times to hear why people think the electoral college should stay in use. I think Ken Blackwell…Read More

  • Meghan, I think you are completely right when you say, “When someone is really struggling with depression or anxiety, it is looked upon as something normal because it is talked about so often. The reality of this situation is that people who are struggling with these mental illnesses are feeling invisible and that they do not matter as much…Read More

  • Alyssa commented on the post, Stop Hate-Crimes

    Aaliyah, I completely agree with everything you said in your discussion post, especially when you said, “It is ironic how a generation that says to be more accepting and united is still having racial issues.” I think it is particularly important to hold our generation accountable for their actions, as what we do now will affect how race is…Read More

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    Utah Backtracking after pro-LGBT Law Passed

    On March 12th, 2015 Governor Gary Herbert signed “The Utah Compromise,” an anti-discrimination law that would protect people in the LGBTQ+ community in regards to employment and housing. With this law passed, a business would not be able to...

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    • Dear Alyssa,
      I agree with your post “Utah Backtracking after pro-LGBT Law Passed”, because sometimes it seems going forward is going backward. It seems as if instead of moving forward creating new laws its shown instead that

      One sentence you wrote that stand out to me is shares “Judge Johansen’s opinion: “It is not in the best interest of children to be raised by same-sex couples”. Its quite shocking they would take a child away from a possible loving couple. The fostercare system is overcrowded and families don’t come everyday to adopt a child.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I believe it is important to be informed in these acts especially when we are moving backwards and not forward.

  • Alyssa wrote a new post

    “Utah’s Contradictory Steps Towards Ending Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation”

    As a Utah citizen since 2002, I have been around for much of the push for LGBTQ+ rights in my state (it hasn’t been a large push but a push nonetheless.) Even before June 26th, 2015 when the Supreme...

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    • Where I moved from, this was a big issue as well. People are usually less excepting in the southeast, so normalizing LGBTQ+ was a struggle. It seems that whatever law is passed, it could be beneficial to one group but other groups still feel discriminated for this. From what I get from your post, it seems that Utah is in the “tug-or-war” state where no one will fully pull one side completely. This was really well written and i’m glad you discussed issues in the LGBTQ+ community!!

    • Dear Alyssa:

      I am shocked by the amount of purposeful loopholes that are integrated into our laws, I mean at first glance these laws seem progressive but in reality they’re simply a step back. I think that bringing awareness to these flaws in our legal system is important, I mean even before reading this I wasn’t aware of half of these things. It’s frustrating because many of these laws seem to be just cover ups for underlying homophobia, almost like placing a bandaid over a gun wound all while continuing to be the reason the wound continues to open. We cannot heal if we continue to facilitate exclusion in our laws. 

      “In order for the government to protect groups from discrimination, the bills they pass and laws they create have to be non-discriminatory as well”, I completely agree, I mean the government is constantly pretending that they’re going to make changes but the laws they create are completely contradictory to their promises.

      Thank you for writing this, especially for talking about the negative effects of these laws on the trans community. It was well written and I appreciate you bring awareness to these things!

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