• The articles I was reading were mostly about how separating children from their parents causes them to act out more in the future and hurt them and others.

    Reading these articles has taught me why it’s i

    • Dear Amani,
      I loved this article very much because most of what you said was true. In paragraph 1 it quotes, “Reading these articles has taught me why it’s important to keep families together and not separate them. Children from the ages 1-16 who get separated from their parents tend to become more violent and depressed. They start to grow up with the mindset that their parents didn’t fight hard enough for them. This leads them to start to do violent acts to attract attention because they didn’t have their family around”. My parents did seperate when I was little so I did get depressed at times and I did tend to be bad, but not the BAD bad kid of bad, because I know being more than bad is not the way, and I want to be a good example for my little brothers because I love them so much. I want to be a good example for my mom and stepdad as well because they’ve done so much for me and raised me right.

  • Giselle,
    I enjoyed everything, I feel like you made really good points on all the topics you talked about. I personally agree with what you said about how women are judged based on what they wear and even act. Growing up I would always see and hear that women had to stay home and take car of the kids. I even would see girls telling other girls…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed how you had both sides of why and why not, that gave a good perspective on you topic about climate change. I loved the way you presented both sides, I do lean towards one side more. I personally think we should teach kids about climate change. But, your research shows a lot of good and reasonable reasons on why we shouldn’t teach it.

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    The problem I am researching is about how seperating immigrants from their children, make their children become more aggressive and violent as they get older. I found three different sources so far that have

  • I love this perspective of trying to better and help you immigrate children who are coming to the US and are trying to fit in and blend in. Yet, I agree it’s hard at times considering the circumstances and I love that Young lives exists for them to be able to find a place in the US that tells them you belong and we are here to help. The…[Read more]

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    I agree that racial profiling has become a very serious issue in the United States and it has become very aggressive and violent. I agree that there should be changes on how our criminal justice systems treats people of different color. We all deserve to be treated the same way and we should all be treated as equal, because at the end of the day…[Read more]

  • In Sacramento California, in Laguna Beach high school has an increase in teen vaping. A senior named Makayla Klung has suffered lung problems due to second hand smoking because of the students who do vape. Klung

    • My students created a presentation and spoke at our local town council meeting about selling vape pens 4 years ago. The council voted to move the pens from the front counter to behnid the counter where other tobacco products were located. Never doubt the power of your voice. Nice job!

  • I agree with that statement that people should be free to speak whatever language they want to speak, and maybe another if they want too.

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    Hi Luis, I agree with your statement that during the 1920’s women were more free spirited in society and were becoming different. Women became more creative and became for self sufficient. They started to be themselves and do what they wanted to do they didn’t stick to what society wanted them to be. here’s in interesting article about women in…[Read more]

  • I agree Police brutality has gone too far and is a big issue in todays world. I feel like if you are a police officer and wear a badge you should be protecting everyone not just who you want to. Black people deserve and have the right to be protected as much as everyone else. https://www.washingtonpost.com/policeshootings/ her is a link talking…[Read more]

  • This article I read is about standardized tests and how they are not efficient and that they should be taken away and how some parents choose to exempt their kids from taking the test. The reason the author

    • Dear Amani,
      I found this article to be very interesting and many kids taking standardized tests can relate to it. I agree that standardized tests don’t show the full capabilities of a student is they aren’t tests takers and I don’t think that they should be required. I feel like they are seen as the most important factor of getting into a college when they shouldn’t be. Here’s another source I found that night help. https://standardizedtests.procon.org

      Abigayle Kendell

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    The book Down These Mean Streets by Piri Thomas sounds very interesting and intriguing, I like how there is a character who is struggling. I think by having a character who is struggling makes readers more interested in reading it especially since addiction is very big in todays world. You have kids these day who are addicted to nicotine and…[Read more]

  • Hello. I agree with everything you are saying,I believe that uniforms strip people from expressing who they are. I believe that everyone should be able to express themselves with clothing and that they shouldn’t be limited to only having to wear uniforms. Uniforms can also be very expensive and uncomfortable for some people as well. It’s unfair to…[Read more]

  • Nancy, I would Want to be a good hearted person to be honest. I would rather be a good person and treat others as special as possible based on their values. I as a person would want to be treated with kindness and honesty. I would rather have people love me for me and what my values are versus not knowing who I really am. I really liked your post…[Read more]

  • Stella, I 100% agree with you about how standardized test don’t show all the knowledge someone has. As a student struggling to get that perfect score I find it hard to believe that is all my knowledge on one exam. I also loved how you talked about the Chinese Proverb “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll underst…[Read more]

  • I am interested in imigrations laws because I want to understand why they are the way they are. What is the purpose of sending Kids who are under DACA back when they have done nothing wrong. Why should kids who

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