• Dear Erika,
    I am amazed by your writing because it shows that you have grown as a writer. One sentence in the writing that stood out for me is “Violent crime in Oakland down 23 percent since 2012”. That stood out to me because 23% is a lot of crime that went away. Its showing that our community is actually making a change to help the people of…[Read more]


    Violence in Oakland


    Based on research and interviews, it is important to talk about and resolve the Violence in Oakland because it is causing PTSD for youth. The type of violence happening in Oakland is b

    • Dear Aaron, your work has impressed me a lot I like the way you talk about soldiers coming back from war with PTSD. I think your blog is really important because it brings up very important points and your evidence does a very good job in showing how PTSD affects the community. I love how you talk about the violence causing PTSD and how to prevent PTSD we need to stop the violence. Your conclusion is very interesting because you bring up gun violence affecting the youth. I think you did a good job talking about the youth and adults suffering from PTSD because of other people’s actions. I hope you keep writing, I would love to see more of your work. Sincerely, Liz

  • Artist Statement

    Aaron Torres


    For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, I decided to make a movie poster about something that can represent the things I have heard of while living in Oakland. The

  • Dear Grady,
    Your shadow box impressed me because you added pictures of people you love. It was also cool that you painted your box white and added the most important objects you have because it’s a better way of understanding who you are and what you think it’s important In your life.
    Sincerely, Aaron

  • Dear Nevin,
    This post about your about your shadow box was cool because you explained the different stereotypes you as a Mexican and from Oakland have to experience and it’s important because everyone who was born and raised in Oakland are considered dangerous like you explained in your statement. I really like your post, I look forward to your…[Read more]

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  • My Shadow Box

    Aaron Torres


    This box represents me because the objects I have in the box have affected me in many different ways. One item that has a big effect on me that I have in this box is the three

    • Dear Aaron,

      My name is Mauro Delpino. I am a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California. My teacher gave us a list of students who had to do a Shadow Box project and she also gave us links so as a class we can appreciate them. I chose to comment on your post because I appreciated the amount of pictures and the quantity of different flags included in your box. I also enjoyed the placement and positioning of the pictures. However, I have a few questions for you:

      Why did you decide to use a black box?
      What made you draw the American flag and not print it out?
      How old are you in these pictures?

      Lastly, I admire and respect your shadow box and I can’t wait to see your next projects.



    • Hi my name is Ingri and my whole grade which is 9th did the same project as you. I am writing this from Fremont High School. One thing I like about you shadow is the pictures of your parents and you when you were younger. I really like that because it shows that you care about you family and you don’t mind people looking at your younger self.

    • Hi my name is Janely, Something I like about your shadowbox is the pictures about your family, and you when you were younger. How hard have life threatened you? Do you think you did your bets on this project?

  • Dear Kevin,
    I really like the idea that you have about prioritizing health care and making it affordable and accessible to people who really need it the most. I really think that is a good idea because there are family’s out there that cant afford healthcare, but it they prioritize it and make it affordable for all it wont be a problem for all people.

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    • Dear Aaron,

      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Herlinda and I am a student at Fremont High School.
      Something I liked about your work was that your showing who you care about and who’s important in your life. I like the way you decorated your shadow box with pictures.
      Something I have a question about is if this was your first actual…[Read more]

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