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    What's considered art nowadays?

    In the article, “Is Digital Art Fake?” (Susannah, Mcgraw Hill) I learned that many people believe some things are considered art and some aren’t. In this article, many believe digital art isn’t really an art and is way easier...

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    • Dear Aaliyah 

      I am impressed by your post, “ what’s considered art nowadays?.” because it is impressive how people think that it is easy for them and other people.  I think it’s impressive how we need to learn how to use techniques, brushes etc. 

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I learned that many people believe some things are considered art and some aren’t”.  I think this is awesome because sometimes people like to judge art  but there’s nothing wrong with that. This is  just how we make art by people hating it and viewing it giving you more ideas for your next art work.  
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next. I like the way you describe people that like to do art.  
      Do you think people have to care if they judge their artwork ?


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    Dear Asher,
    I am in agreement with you with your post, “Teachers” because I have seen a bad teacher or sub here and there. I agree how they compare themselves in our situation when much time has passed and things are changing every day.

    One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is “one teacher and or administrator that completely ruined…Read More

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    In the article, “Pandemic Prevention” (Kyler, Mcgraw Hill) I learned the many aspects of a pandemic and if it was possible to prevent the next one. The author believes that it is possible to prevent the next pandemic or...

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    Dear Toby, 
    I enjoyed your post greatly, “Substance Abuse,” because it is a tough topic to hear about loved ones or people, in general, going through the issue of substance abuse. You are correct when saying there are multiple reasons for someone creating a substance addiction and everyone faces challenges where this may be an outlet for the…Read More

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    The education system

    In the article, “The Broken Education System” (Kelsi) I learned that American School systems are failing their students. As well as many students getting bullied and harassed while the system does nothing to help. A girl named Isabella committed...

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    • Dear Aaliyah, I am intrigued by your post “The education system” because the title itself has a lot of meaning behind it and many like me can get attracted to your post just from your title. The teacher and students brought her down and there was no justice or at least some consequences were surprising. One sentence that stands out for me “

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