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  • Dear Paige,

    I am intrigued by your post, “Words And Their Impact On Others” as it really explains the effect words have on an individual and the way they feel or view themselves. I agree that words have an effect just as actions do, someone speaking negatively of another person will cause that person to feel inferior and insecure. People don…Read More

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    Young People On Voting

    In the article, “Could Young Voters Decide the Presidency?” by Patricia Smith, past and younger generations haven’t been involved in politics, but that has shifted in recent years.  In past generations, young people have never been moved to being...

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  • Aaliyah commented on the post, Child Custody

    Dear Akira,

    I am intrigued by your post, “Child Custody” and how you used your personal experience to educate others about this circumstance. Child custody is a very difficult process, people often think of it as a negative occurrence, when it really isn’t considering some situations you listed, but it can be as well, especially in the life…Read More

  • Aaliyah wrote a new post

    Issues On Postal Service

    In the article, “Post Office Panic” by Patricia Smith, Postal services have been having difficulties with their businesses due to the pandemic currently which has raised concerns about the election.  Since there have been delays with shipments, people are...

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  • Dear Grace,

    I am intrigued by your post, “How Can We Decrease Worldwide Homelessness and Poverty?” and how you brought out an issue that isn’t as discussed as much as it should be. I understand the importance of homelessness and how being pressured into gaining employment isn’t the answer for those who need assistance. Though said, homeles…Read More

  • Aaliyah wrote a new post

    Conditions of Being an Immigrant

    In the article, “Alone at the Boarder” by Patricia Smith, detention facilities for immigrants are in torture like conditions as they provide little to no treatment for younger children and adults.  The conditions in these facilities are harming as...

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    • This article was extremely eye opening as it reveals all of the atrocities that immigrants have to endure in camps set up outside the boarder. The treatment of immigrants and refugees coming to the United States has always been a hot button topic in politics to this day. President Trump carries a strong immigration policy to the United States that has led to the deportation of thousands of illegal immigrants. This was a very interesting article and the points of summary that you made were great!

    • This article was incredibly enlightening as it uncovers the entirety of the monstrosities that foreigners need to suffer in camps set up outside the fringe. The treatment of outsiders and evacuees going to the United States has consistently been a hot catch point in legislative issues right up ’til the present time. President Trump conveys a solid migration strategy to the United States that has prompted the extradition of thousands of illicit migrants. This was an extremely fascinating article and the purposes of the outline that you made were extraordinary!

    • This article was really well done and I think that it was really enlightening on about how the government treats immigrants. It explained well about what they go through and it’s horrible conditions. Trump has had a strong hold of what has happened to immigrants and their families and it has lead to many people being deported. I think that overall this article helped me better understand what goes on and you made some good strong points.

    • Dear Aaliyah
      I am sad about your post Conditions Of Being an Immigrant because I don’t think kids should be separated from their families and I don’t think they deserve those horrible conditions in facilities they stay at. I agree that these families just want a better life for their families.
      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me ¨Family separation has been a significant topic as they’re only allowed to be separated for only 20 days, that statement, however, hasn’t been entirely true as children have been separated from their families for over a year.¨I think this is upsetting to know because these families that have children are probably sad and hopeless they arent with there families. However, I do hope this stops and the conditions get better because no one deserves this.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because these types of topics need to be known in our world.

    • Dear Aaliyah,
      I found your post “Conditions of Being an Immigrant” devastating. These immigrants go through horrible conditions in which not even an animal should be treated that way. It’s heartbreaking to imagine being separated from your family, I can’t imagine what these poor children go through.

      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, “Immigrants usually seek asylum in America for a better life and flee from horrible conditions in their own country,” It’s sad that they leave from the suffering to just end up suffering again in the detention centers. Something you didn’t write about which recently happened is how the women are treated in detention facilities. A nurse that was working in one of these ICE detention centers came out saying how doctors were removing many women’s uterus by performing a hysterectomy. And the most horrifying part is that many of these women didn’t even need the surgery, yet it was still performed on them.

      Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next on such topics like these that need to be made more aware of so something is done about them.


  • Dear Idrissa,

    I am curious about your post, “Loyalty Over Love”, and to why you were aspired to write about the importance between the differences of these two words. I agree with you that loyalty should be a long-term want for relationships with other people. I also agree that loyalty is a sign of respect and it is important to want tho…Read More

  • Aaliyah wrote a new post

    Wars From the Outside

    In the article, “What Now in Syria?” by Patricia Smith, Donald Trump's decision to have U.S. troops leave northeastern Syria caused conflict in members of Congress as Kurdish militias were left in Syria at war alone, regarding the fact...

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  • Dear Sloane,

    I strictly agree with your post, “Prejudice towards immigrant children is dangerous to their mental health”, because it really exhibits the reality of the struggles American immigrants go through. I agree that it is difficult to find your balance in between your own culture and the American culture and how it makes you str…Read More

  • Aaliyah wrote a new post

    The Impact of George Floyd

    In the article, “George Floyd’s Death Sparks Massive Nationwide Protests” by Patricia Smith, I learned that the upsetting of George Floyd’s death, regardless of the upsetting actions, was also due to the previous deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna...

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    • I think the protest people are trying to change history and how African-American people are getting treated now. I believe if people come together and keep using their voices then change could happen. In the picture, what caught my eye was the different races protesting. I think it’s even better because more people are helping out and showing that they care about multiple race/races.

    • I agree on how George Floyd death has had an impact in the world recently sparking protests from all around the world .This protest are a fight for the continuation of injustices against black people and police brutality which has been ongoing for years. I believe if people keep protesting , signing petitions , educating themselves and others on the topic and keep the resistance and keep doing research on these injustices against black people , and keep making our voices be heard against systematic racism . It’s a long fight but we are stronger together.

    • Dear: Aaliyah
      I am very interested about your post, “El Impacto de George Floyd,” because…It is something that moved millions of people because of racism and how they killed him was something cruel something that thanks to the racist police officer, George’s wife was left without a husband and her daughter without a father to see her grow up
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “George Floyd’s death sparks massive protests across the country” I think this is interesting because… It is something that moved and many people protested what they did to George, which was something that led them to teach that not only for being brown skin is criminal
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because…It is something that if I was moved by the racism that exists in many parts of the world

    • I agree that the circumstances in which they were killed is heartbreaking. I believe that these protests will be a step forward to gaining true equality. Everyone should have the same rights, under the law. I wish that happened in reality. These deaths have sparked a unity among people of different races, ages, etc. People around the world have been protesting together for equality. People can gain justice by sharing their opinions, protesting, signing petitions, and anything they can do to help. I just hope that true equality will be reached in the near future.

  • Dear Zheng,

    I am amazed about your project, “An Oral History with Ariel”, because it shows the diversity between your friendship with him and how you are both able to express yourselves. It is very great how you and Ariel are able to keep a great friendship regarding these hard times.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “ O…Read More

  • Aaliyah commented on the post, The War in Yemen

    Dear Ebrahim:

    I am intrigued by your post, “The War In Yemen,” because it is intriguing on how people, even in their own country don’t know how the war has started. It is intriguing the crisis in Yemen has so many unresolved problems yet they are hardly mentioned or dealt with.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “Figh…Read More

  • I agree to this as it really demonstrates the difficulty of quarantine, especially with those who are usually outgoing.



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