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    The Benefits of Strict Gun Laws

    Gun laws are laws that should be taken into serious consideration when any person can walk into a store and buy one. The article “Should There be more restrictions for purchasing guns and ammunition?”, says that policies discussed for...

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    • Dear Ariana,
      I am intrigued by your Essay, “The benefits of strict gun laws,” because it was a very well written and informative essay that enjoyed reading. I believe gun laws should be more strict and it’s a major issue, this essay really showed the controversy with gun laws.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ People who are not mentally stable or that do not know how to use guns, should not be able to own one because it puts themselves and others in serious danger.” I think this is important to say because too many people are hurt by guns because of how accessible they are and who can get them.
      Another sentence that I agree with was: “ Gun violence will decrease with more restrictions and with more restrictions, guns become less dangerous to humans but better for self defense or other things guns will be used for. ” This stood out for me because I agree with your statements and how gun violence will decrease and how it could be put to different use.
      I do agree with you that gun control is a controversial topic. One reason I say this is because many people argue and bicker over this subject. Another reason I agree with you is that gun control causes rage to some people when disagreed about.

      Have you seen this article? “” I thought you might be interested in this because of it’s information.
      Thanks for your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I enjoyed your essay and being able to share my input.

    • Hi Ariana,
      I like your essay and applaud you for taking a strong stance on such a controversial topic. I would like to hear more of what you have to say. Do you think these restrictions are enough? What else do you think should be done to make guns safer?

    • I agree with most that you have said like how we should try to keep guns from people that are going to be dangerous but my question to you is how are we going to keep unregistered guns out of the hands of bad people? Since these guns are unregistered I feel that any restrictions we put on guns aren’t going to do anything since there is no way to track down these unregistered guns. I am interested in hearing what solutions others may have as well.

    • Ariana, I agree that gun laws are laws that should be taken into serious consideration. I agree that people who would misuse the gun should not be given a gun in the first place, but how would you be able to stop a bad person from illegally getting a gun? I think that this may be very hard to do. Therefore, I think that gun restrictions should not be too strict because people need access to them for self-defense. What do others think about this topic?

    • Hi Ariana. I think that your essay covered a topic that is considered controversial well. I agree with you that serious gun control laws should be considered, especially in such a turbulent time as now. While I understand that the right to own a firearm is protected by the second amendment, it makes sense to have some regulations regarding the purchase of a gun. One thing that I’ve thought about, however, is how such regulations may affect violent crimes committed in the US. I think about how prohibition was never really effective and how that situation has some parallels to this issue. Do you think that gun control could face the same fate?

    • I agree that gun control laws are needed to keep people safe. It is easier to buy a gun than to get a loan in many places in the United States. Personally I struggle with the idea if having gun should be a right. Other first world countries have all but banned guns all together and had less gun violence because of this. Some argue that having a gun is right for their own protection, but often people with guns often end up hurting themselves or someone innocent more than preventing any violence.

    • This is a great article! You bought the perspective of both ideologies in one writing and elaborated on it. I agree with you on we should make it harder for people to get a gun and conceal it. But they need to focus on harsher background checks.

    • Hey Ariana,

      I should applaud you for taking a strong stance on an extremely controversial topic. These are the things that get anyone a ton of vile hate from netizens that disagree with the persons’ viewpoints. I agree that more should be done to restrict gun use among certain people such as the mentally troubled and others that pose a great danger to others as well as themselves. I agree that we can have stricter gun laws while protecting owners’ rights to self defense. One question I have is how can people like you effectively lobby our politicians for this cause?

    • I’m glad someone can say something about gun law. People are quick to say no to it. Its very informative so thank you for sharing.

    • Ariana,
      I really enjoyed your writing and think this is a great topic to bring more light to. I agree that background checks should be something that is required when buying a gun. Raising prices and taxes don’t seem to be protecting anyone just making guns harder for some people to purchase. You were right in saying that this is a very touchy subject because people views on this issue can be so different. I believe that no matter what if someone wants to own a gun they will find a way. Stricter gun laws are ideal in keeping people safe but I don’t believe that will fix the problem.

    • Hi Ariana! I really liked your writing and way of stating we should have stricter gun laws. I also agree that we need to have stricter gun laws. I think that if they made the age higher it would help. I also think that if we had people take a psychological evaluation or test to see if there mental health is in the right place would also help in order to stop having guns get into the hands of mentally ill people. I think if we lived in a perfect world were there were no bad people there would simply not be a need for people to feel like they need a gun, but since we don’t live in a perfect world I can understand why people would want to protect themselves.

    • I completely agree with the overall point within the article. I like how you offer in-depth solutions to help solve the problems that are caused by the epidemic of gun violence in the United States of America. I also appreciate how you also take the time to explain the arguments and positions of the other side, which many people do not.

    • With the whole aspect of guns for self defense or for hunting I don’t understand why people wouldn’t be fine with just a small handgun for defense only and a simple hunting rifle. If we limit it to just the bare minimum then people still get guns for what they want but they don’t have access to overwhelming firepower.

    • Ariana,
      I really enjoyed how to discussed two opposing viewpoints about gun ownership. Your post offered in-depth solutions to the violence caused by gun ownership while showing what people who support the second amendment feel in regard to individual rights. It would be very interesting to see if gun laws are going to be affected in the change of presidency. Though it may not be on the top of Biden’s list, it could change in the near future. The link below shares Biden’s plan for the future which is a pretty interesting read.

    • Dear Ariana,

      I am completely blown away by your post, “The benefits of Strict Gun Laws” because of how you discuss and explain both parties’ arguments about why gun laws should or shouldn’t be restricted. When highlighting the benefits that would come with more restricted gun laws it made me so hopeful and optimistic for the future. To make sure people will be safe with their arms but also make others safe by making sure guns don’t fall into wrong hands. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, “People who are not mentally stable or that do not know how to use guns, should not be able to own one because it puts themselves and others in serious danger.” This sentence really stuck with me for the reason and truth behind it. When someone brings up restricting gun laws, another party argues that it’s their right to bear arms. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN! By only restricting people who may be a giant concern to others’ safety or their own. Simply check the person’s background and see if they may be a worry. Great work, I look forward to your future writings. From what I just read you seem to know what your talking about and have ideas about what is going on in today’s world. Keeping yourself notified and close to your beliefs without disrespecting others.


    • Dear Ariana,

      I am very impressed by your post, “The Benefits of Strict Gun Laws” because it is a very famous and discussed topic that you wrote about. I agree with you that guns are too easy to buy because at most all they need is to be over 21 or even 18 years old. I do believe gun laws should be a bit more strict.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Gun laws become very political because of the two opposing views of the topic.” I think this is interesting because the two sides that usually argue about gun control are both the republican and democrat party.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you wrote about an important topic. From what you wrote it seems ike you know  lot about what you were talking about.


  • Ishmael,
    When looking through the posts, your title very well caught my attention because I think it is very relatable to high school students everywhere in the world. The first paragraph of your post is what I like best. For me, I have always wanted to participate in things so that I can have the best high school experience possible, but with…Read More


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