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  • Dear:cristian
    Iam intrigued by what you say can see a fault in the car and since all of it is technology,you con lose control and can see cokes and even deaths.

  • Hello, I will tell you the last part of super kitten,because the super kitten had a robot too and it was for him to fight against his dad,but he had no energy because all day he was with clouds and the robot had to be in the sun to have energy and when and when they go, he ran out of energy so his daddy for a thousand the robot patio and how…Read More

  • Hugo commented on the post, El peligro en mexico

    Estimada evelyn,
    yo tambien se lo feo que se siente en esa situación porque en mi rancho también se quiere meter un cartel organizado y eso no es fácil porque a ellos no les importa matar a cualquier persona ellos solo quieren mandar.

  • Helle everyone, today i am going to tell you more about my book the dog man and super kitten and he is in a movie and how he makes money his father wants to get with him so that the money they give him he has to be able to leave that town with his son because the father of the kitten aunt me to roll the other people’s houses and the police are…Read More

  • So far the plot del hombre perro y el super gatito reminds me of the world. He throws it away because he no longer wanted it and now he is pretending to be a babysitter to get his son back.The theme reminds me that there are people who do not love their children when they are young and give them to another family and when they are olders they are…Read More

  • Hugo posted a new activity comment

    Hi my name is Hugo vargas .my pronouns are he/hem.l am from Guerrero but i’m living in orange cove california . i speak spanish. the book i’m reading now is called a hombre perro y supergatito.
      • Hi Hugo! Thank you for sharing. From the title, that sounds like a funny book. I hope you enjoy it.
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      • I am impressed by your post, “people of color no equality”because you don’t have to judge other people by their color because god isolates un like that and nobody has to try to make other people feel bad because they are not the same sentences you wrote that stands out for me is” Equality is all the colored people want, they do not want…Read More

      • Hugo wrote a new post

        Until now, the plot in Zee’s PLAN reminds me of the city streets. There were three children who want to graph the walls. But they forgot to forget some cans of paint and the ones he had put them on the drawing


        Until now, the plot in Zee's PLAN reminds me of the city streets. There were three children who want to graph the walls. But they forgot to forget some cans of paint and the ones he had put them...

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