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  • Dear Martha:
    I am Inspired by your publication, “Inspiring Women: Frida Kahlo and Malala Yousafzai” because she tells us about two women who are great inspirations for many people. I think it is very good that people talk about two women who have gone through a lot to be able to achieve everything they set their minds to, so it is very imp…Read More

  • Dear Anthony:
    I am surprised by your post, “Meet me, my name is Antony,” because you tell us about your private life which has had many great things in your life. It is very good that you went to Ecuador. I would also like to be able to visit it one day.
    A phrase that you wrote that stands out to me is: “I want to go see Mexico at least onc…Read More

  • I agree with your post, Why am I scared of clowns?” because according to what is said the purpose of clowns is to make children happy. Still, clowns couldn’t do that either because of their masks or in the way they are painted so macabrely that they can even cause fear to children just as it caused you that instead of providing happiness it is s…Read More

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    Nancy commented on the post, Open Your Eyes

    Dear Flynn,
    I’m inspired by your post, “Open Your Eyes,” because it shows us everything the government is doing today, but it’s all good. We don’t pay so much attention to it because it doesn’t affect us, but actually, it does because we are the ones who chose that government. 
    A phrase that catches my attention is: “Open your eyes.” I think…Read More

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    Dear Jorge:
    I am moved by your publication, “A little about me” because you share with us things that you are good at, which are significant things for you to be able to achieve new goals every day. There is something that you mention that they brought you to the United States as a child, which also happened to me, but when I was about 11 years…Read More

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