• Estimada Lezly

    Estoy entusiasmada con tu publicasion,” La diferencia entre el amor y la amistad,” porque si en algunas ocasiones si hay personas que comienzan con una amistad pero esa amistad se fortalece tanto que sientes que esa persona es muy especial y te sientes muy cómoda con esa persona porque te trata bien pero esa amistad puede que…[Read more]

  • Dear Lezly

    Estoy emocionada con su publicación, “ Enamorada de mi mejor amigo,” porque la chica que era su mejor amiga se enamoró de su mejor amigo.
    Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es “El chico sentía un gran cariño por ella pero solo como amigos, a ella le daba temor decirle todo lo que ella sentía por él.” Creo q…[Read more]

  • So far the characters in “Yo Yolanda,” remind me of something that happens a lot in the world with people that are that friends get quarreled on occasion because they like the same child. The characters remind me

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    Der Joselyn,

    I am impressed with your post, “Look for Dad,” because what you are talking about is that children never gave up they were going to give up until their mother is saying she was not going to return.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “In the communities there are many children without their father. and they are looking f…[Read more]

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    Dear Sydney,

    I am excited with your post,” Who I am,” because you have to be doing some sport oh helping in some programs.One phrase that stands out to me is “My favorite is to go to elementary schools and help children learn to read and write better.” I think this is surprising, there are not many people who, apart from those who like to…[Read more]

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    Dear Joselyn

    I am impressed with your publication “My truths” because you are proud to have Mexican parents and do not care what others think of you because there are many people who are ashamed of having Mexican potatoes because all they want is to have friends.

    One phrase he wrote that catches my attention is “The reason I included the…[Read more]

  • Until now, the issues in the invasion of the Robachicos remind me of something that is very popular in my community, which is when people come from other states to live where they enter school and there is always

    • Nancy,
      I would choose to be a good-hearted person! I like to be accepted and appreciated by people who value my kindness, hard-work, and compassion. If someone doesn’t accept or appreciate me, but they don’t know how I truly am, I don’t really care. So really, I try to be a good person; I don’t try to get people to accept me. I think acceptance will naturally happen.

      I really enjoyed your post because I need to be reminded of what a lot of young people go through. I forget about the pressure youth feel to be accepted by their peers.

      Do the characters in your book understand what you and I think?

    • Nancy, I would Want to be a good hearted person to be honest. I would rather be a good person and treat others as special as possible based on their values. I as a person would want to be treated with kindness and honesty. I would rather have people love me for me and what my values are versus not knowing who I really am. I really liked your post because this reminds me of what every high schooler goes through. As a high schooler today I can assure you I go through this a lot especially my freshman year.

  • Dear Charissa:
    I am excited about your post, “A place I will never forget” because you are describing how you felt when you were doing that kind of thing and even if you change the program, those memories will remain in your heart.

    One phrase he wrote that caught my attention is “As a group, we will always be at Booker T Washington Park,…[Read more]

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