• It is no secret that our 1st amendment has been debated on whether it should be limited or not, especially in schools, due to school threats, cyberbullying, etc. Though I believe online speech should not be

  • Dear Miguel, I am very interested on you post of emotions. You showed me something that I didn’t know about emotions, you showed me that emotions contribute to our well being, our moral behavior, and motivates us to progress. You also showed me that emotions helped us progress on changing the world from survival to adaption. The last thing you…[Read more]

  • Dear Hector, I totally agree that drugs affect the body. Your examples are totally true, people can overdose from drugs which is body for your body and will affect them in the future. Drugs are also bad for the body, if a woman is pregnant and she takes drugs, which can potentially affect the baby with defects. Even though people say drugs are…[Read more]

  • This week I have continued reading “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green. As I’ve said on my last post this book is about a girl named Hazel who has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently going to a suppo

  • Dear Miguel, you are totally right. As you said we spend so much time focusing on what we want on what we don’t have, that we don’t realize what’s right in front of us. Your story in your post is really moving. People do take for granted the things they have right in front of them, a lot people do that and i will be honest sometimes I take for g…[Read more]

  • These past days I have been reading the book “The Fault in our Stars” by john Green. On what I have read so far this book is about a girl who is diagnosed with lung cancer and attends a support group for her ill

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    Dear Vanessa,
    You are totally right, I also feel that the homeless population is growing. I feel that every time there’s just more and more homeless. This issue needs to be addressed. We should all contribute to this issue, because the more we wait without helping, the more the population of homeless will grow. It’s sad like you say, that the…[Read more]

  • I agree Wayne that during the debate I couldn’t choose either or. The whole time in the debate I couldn’t decide, because in my opinion both presidents are not the best. One is called a lier and one is called a racist. Hopefully as you say Wayne Donald does do what he said on his election but not all of what he said. Like for example, building a…[Read more]

  • I agree with you angel. Cops should not shoot or arrest someone just because they are black. This needs to stop because this isn’t fair for black people. When cops shoot or arrest someone for now reason is called racism. It’s crazy how racism is still going on after many years that this is going on. Also angel you are very very right, we need a…[Read more]

  • The book I have continued reading, is the book Homelessness by Karen Latchana Kenny. I have continued reading this for the past couple of weeks. As I get further and further in the book I notice and realize more

  • Dear Mason, I believe law enforcement is important. La enforcement protects us and keeps us safe. Police men wear a uniform and head out there where there is danger. They risk their lives and it sounds rude that people will yell names at the police men when they are just here to help. Nice post home you post more.

  • During the past few weeks, I have been reading Homelessness by Karen Latchana Kenny. As said in my previous post, this is a book about people who are homeless and how they got there.

    As I get further and further

    • I think this post is very important for some people to see. This is because homeless people continuously are criticized for being lazy and not getting a job, but we don’t know the struggles that they face. They could have a situation in their lives that prevents them from finding employment and no one to help out with it. That is why we should never just judge a homeless person on one thing, because they all have a reason for being where they are.

    • Dear Breanna,
      I find your post very interesting and agree with you. I find it so important that people see this post since most people aren’t looking at all the causes of homelessness before making a judgement. Telling someone to simply “get a job” without taking in consideration these factors such as disabilities is completely ignorant. It would be greatly appreciated if you to visit our blog, https://helpingthehomelessnyc.wordpress.com . It talks more about the issues with homelessness in NYC.

  • These past few weeks, I have been reading the book, The Hidden Story of Homelessness by Karen Latchana Kenny. What I have been reading so far is about why people are homeless, how did they get there.

    I’ve be

    • Dear Breanna,
      I am intrigued by your post because it states what people see, and then it goes back into what reality really is for the homeless and why they are there. I am now looking forward to reading a book similar to this situation.

    • Dear Breanna,
      I am moved by your post. You’ve got a point, people judge the homeless so easily and this isn’t fair. I am looking forward to what you post next. Keep up the good work.

  • For a while, I have been reading the book After by Francine Prose. This book takes place in the school Pleasant Valley High School. Next to the school is a school called Central High.

    There has been a shooting

  • Dear Danny, I am interested in your post, because one thing you said was , “..he has offended almost everyone”. I think this is true, because he has offended a lot of people and that’s why so many because dis

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