• Racism is all around us everyday, people can not just be racist based on what they say but of what they do. No one should discriminate those for their skin color.  Your skin color doesn’t define who you are. Pe

    • Gideon replied 1 year ago

      There are some great points in this article, I don’t know about how kids can be raciest but I understand the point you were trying to make. Overall a great article with good information.

    • Yafet replied 1 year ago

      I am satisfied with your post because I agree that people don’t just become racist out of nowhere, but they learn it from their parents. One thing you said that stands out for me is “Racism is not something someone should joke about because it’s such a big problem in this world.” I think this is a true statement because people joke about many things like that.

    • Ivana replied 1 year ago

      I am satisfied with your post because I got an understanding of how people can be as a person and how they can be taught to be racist. One thing you said that stood out to me is, “Someone’s skin color doesn’t define the actions they’ll do, so there’s no need for racism.” I strongly agree with you because everyone is quick to judge someone off of their skin color, which isn’t right.

    • Eric replied 1 year ago

      I understand what your trying to say with people being racist base what they said. I’m going to have to disagree because some people just take it to another level of racism in there wording as well. Because if a famous person was to say something racist then everybody has something to say so it should go for everybody. Seeing your point racism shouldn’t even be something but once again like you said people aren’t just born being racist they were influenced into it. That’s what stuck to me the most in your writing .

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