• In the beginning, the goal of my project and the reason why I chose to discuss Global Warming was to raise awareness of Global Warming. I hoped to spread awareness and advocate about the negative impacts of

    • Dear Madison,
      Hello, my name is Giselle and I am a student at BOYCP. I’m also doing a similar action like your’s and I’m trying to spread awareness of climate change. I agree with you that global warming is happening and not only us but animals and the environment is getting affected by global warming and people should be more informed bout this issue. I would like some tips from you on how to get our action plan going and spread the word on climate change. Thanks!
      Sincerely, Giselle

    • Dear Madison,
      Hello, my name is Michelle, I am a student form BOYCP .
      My teammate and i are doing a similar action plan as well regards to climate change. I agree that we as humans are responsible for the damage we do to the planet. People are not aware of the negative aspects of climate change. As our action plan, we would like to spread the word and get people to be knowledge about it. We would like to hear some tips from you and your opinion.
      Thank you, Michelle

    • Dear Madison,
      My name is Alejandro Delgadillo and I am a student at BOYCP. I think it is great that you are raising awareness for global warming and my group and I are also trying to spread awareness through creating a Facebook page. We are planning to have our first meeting on June 13th to talk about what exactly what we want to do. Everyone is getting affected by global warming and since we are the next generation, we have to make a change because otherwise no will fight for us. I am hoping to get information on how I can make the page grow and get more people to help out.
      Thank you, Alejandro Delgadillo

    • Hello Madison,
      I just made a post about wildfire in Australia. Many people may think that it’s in Australia and it’s nothing about me. But the worst wildfire in the 21th century ,18 million acres of land have been burned and and released nearly 350 million tons of carbon dioxide. Here is a link about it https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/07/australia/australia-fire-wildlife-deaths-intl-hnk-scli/index.html.
      Wuyou Zhou.

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