• My name is Karen, the authour of the blog “Deforestation In NY”. This blog is a high-school project where I would express my opinion about an issue. I noticed that there was a lot of construction building aro

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      Estoy impresionado con su publicación ” Deforestation in NY Reflection” porque tiene un artículo interesante que dice “For my failed mission, I came to a conclusion that one needs to not only be passionate about the side of the issues, but also a prominent activist” .

      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es : “I would try to engage in conversations, either agreeing more or criticizing ideas to get others to listen and message me” porque esta información vale millones .

      Gracias por su escritura . Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque este es un tema de importancia para la comunidad de lectores.

  • Trees are pretty much one of the only other largely populated organism existing on this planet besides the humans. However, humans don’t seem to care much about the trees and kill them all. Through

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    Dear Jennifer:
    I am glad to read that there are others who took notice of this problem our world currently has. Your little message to the “future president” made me think about an issue my community has. I live in NYC and of course there has to be some sort of construction project. And many of those times, trees surrounding that area must be cut…[Read more]

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