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Marijuana Project

Hello everyone! Me and my classmates recently created a project about Marijuana, that proved to be widely successful. Our overall goal of our project is to promote awareness about the benefits of weed, and why it should be legalized for both recreational use and medical use, due to its enormous benefits. Our goal one day, is to influence politicians in […]

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Hello everyone! I created a video describing the benefits of Medical Marijuana. For all those who prefer to read, I will be including a summary down below. Summary/Description: Medical Marijuana has proven to be more effective than its alternatives in the medical field, and is especially helpful for chronic pain. Around 7 million Americans use Marijuana for medical purposes and […]

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The One-Handed Girl Remixed

Hello, I just created a remixed version of the Swahili story, the one-handed girl. It was for a tech project and took a lot of time. Enjoy. So basically there’s this evil brother, anyways evil at the beginning of the story, and you have to choose wether he apologizes or he lies to the king that his sister is a witch. […]

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History of Pretzels

    Pretzels are my favorite snack. They come in all types of sizes and shapes. Some say that a pretzel was invented invented pretzels to reward kids who behave really good and learn their prayers. Some also say that pretzels were invented by a bunch of bakers held hostage. This standard pretzel shape shown in the picture is used […]

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