• Hello everyone! Me and my classmates recently created a project about Marijuana, that proved to be widely successful. Our overall goal of our project is to promote awareness about the benefits of weed, and why it

    • Hey Kai! I think the project that you and your class mates are doing is fantastic. I completely agree with you that Marijuana should be legalized. I think the pros that come with legalizing it is way better that the cons that come with it. I found an article that states pros and cons of legalizing it and I think it would be very helpful in your project. The article is https://marijuana.procon.org/ which shows that if we legalize weed, then there could be a decrease in crime rates, the economy could go up, and many people could use it to benefit them with the health issues that they face. I hope this can help you with your project. I wish you the best of luck!

  • Hello everyone! I created a video describing the benefits of Medical Marijuana. For all those who prefer to read, I will be including a summary down below.


    Medical Marijuana has proven

    • Dear Kai:
      I am Abraham. I am very interested on your post, “Benefits of Medical Marijuana,” because there are many uses of marijuana that can be use for good. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Medical Marijuana has proven to be more effective than its alternatives in the medical field, and is especially helpful for chronic pain. ” I think this is interesting because chronic pain has been a serious problem and now there could be a cure. I hope you can keep up the good work.

    • The Need for Marijuana Legalization
      A controversial topic across the United States is whether or not marijuana should be legalized. It has already been legalized completely in ten states and medicinally in 24 (Source I). Those opposed to the idea claim marijuana is addictive and bad for user’s mental health (Hawkins). However, the benefits majorly outweigh the negatives addressed by those against the legalization of marijuana. There are positive reasons behind legalizing marijuana medicinally and recreationally across the united states and it could positively boost the economy and help those with certain medical issues and mental diseases. The legalization of marijuana will boost the economy, allow those suffering medical issues options to other therapies, and promote consumer and public safety.
      Legalizing marijuana will boost the economy by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide, gaining millions of dollars of revenue through taxes and tourism, and saving on law enforcement time and resources. A study published in 2017, shows there is $2.40 in economic activity for every dollar spent on legal weed proving that everyone in communities of legal weed are benefiting from a taxed and regulated system, whether they support legalization or not (Adams). Colorado’s Governor Hickenlooper was opposed to the 2012 initiative allowing recreational use of Cannabis as he feared increased use by children. However, Hickenlooper changed his mind as there was not an increase in Colorado children cannabis use and he boasted about the tax revenues for social programs that regulated states provided (Source H). A trade of this magnitude needs the backing of federal government to open up the possibility of over 1 million new jobs and over $131 billion dollars in federal tax revenue (Adams).
      One of the main pushes for marijuana legalization is based on the treatment it provides for many medical and psychological issues. Medical marijuana helps to control pain, ease nausea, treat loss of appetite, and improve muscle control problems. The use of medical marijuana has been known to help control seizures in children. Another major medical benefit and reason for marijuana use is the many psychological and neurological disorders it helps aleve. These psychological disorders include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, Huntington’s, parkinson’s, and alzheimers. (Source J). There is no reason that citizens across the country should be denied access to a plant that helps cure and aleve the pain and effects of numerous disorders.
      The legalization of marijuana also promotes consumer and public safety. When citizens use legal and regulated marijuana they are informed about the product they are using as opposed to those using unregulated marijuana. There are also regulations and requirements for the production of legal marijuana that ensure and promote consumer safety (Macedo). Legalizing marijuana also helps to promote public safety as law enforcement is given more time to focus on the safety of the general public rather than individual pot users (Adams). A study done in Colorado where weed is legal, shows that the state spends $4.50 to combat public health and safety issues for every dollar spent on legal weed (Adams).The truth of the matter is marijuana will be used whether or not it is legalized, so it might as well become a regulated product through legalization allowing law enforcement to spend their time on issues that are actually a threat to society.
      The need for the legalization of marijuana federally across the country is rather explicit. Between the immense positive economical benefits to the immense medicinal benefits, one can clearly see the overwhelming positive outcomes that will arise in our nation through marijuana legalization. We are at a time in our nation where there are countless studies and research that has been conducted that can conclude legalizing marijuana truly causes more good than harm as seen through the thirty four states that have already legalized marijuana recreationally and medically.

  • If you would like to view our blog that my team and I have created, i’ll link it down below. Thanks again!


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    I am excited by your post, “legalize marijuana in montana,” because I can completely agree with your topics. There have been several studies showing that marijuana is safer than many pain treatments, such as opiods, while being less addicting. I’d also like to add that much of peoples concern from legalizing weed comes from the ext…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I just created a remixed version of the Swahili story, the one-handed girl. It was for a tech project and took a lot of time. Enjoy.

    So basically there’s this evil brother, anyways evil at the beginning



    Pretzels are my favorite snack. They come in all types of sizes and shapes. Some say that a pretzel was invented invented pretzels to reward kids who behave really good and learn their prayers. Some also s

  • Dear Kenzie:
    I am happy about your post, “One word after another” because you overcomed your inability to talk in times of conflict. You eventually commuincated really well during hard times. One sentence that stands out of me is “it wasn’t easy, and it still isn’t but each day the words become a little easier to say.” This stood out for me…[Read more]

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    I am intrested with your post, “Brand Addiction” because it shows how much brand name matters. Brand name plays a big part of the products we buy. One sentence that your wrote that stands out for me is “being mentioned in the media is extraordinarily effective.” I think this is sad because it shows how many people use social media.…[Read more]

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