• The overall goal of our project was to promote the problems that homeless people go through everyday. This is because living in New York, everywhere you go you see people outside, starving, outside freezing

    • Hi Karolina,

      I like your idea and that you’re trying to help homeless people. I think it is impressive that you were able to get twenty-six signatures! I read in another post and they were marketing their idea through social media. They said they used twitter and Instagram to help spread their idea. I would agree I think that people want to engage in this issue.

      Sydney Stephens

  • Also if you are interested in finding out more about the topic you could visit my blog at https://helpingthehomelessnyc.wordpress.com

  • Dear Zacharia,
    I was really moved by your article “Poverty in NYC”, because it showed me how easy it is to forget about these people and their struggles even though we see them everyday. Everyday, people walk past homeless people in New York City and nobody seems to care about them. Your article really helped me realize what big of a problem…[Read more]

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