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Teens for the MTA

The overall goal of this project was to call attention to the issues in the MTA. Since we began working on our project, we have not gotten any attention from Cuomo as we wished. We also did not reach 100 signers on our petition. Though we did not achieve exactly what we set out to achieve, I believe that both […]

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In the MTA there have been absolutely outrageous fare hikes in the past year only. There have also been bumps on bonuses. I was inspired to write this because of my passion for change in the MTA. I feel it is important for us to get involved as New Yorkers who utilize the services of the MTA every day. My […]

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The Selfish Horse Remixed

In the Story “The Selfish Horse”, the horse learns that helping someone is always better because something is much easier when 2 people are doing it together. You will have to decide in this story which decision is the best. It is interactive and I hope you enjoy.     [iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]   It took me […]

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Media to a Muslim.

  The media displays muslims as many different things.First let me start off with something that should be obvious to the public. Muslims are not terrorists. We are people. I am a person. A person just like you. I have rights and I should not be treated differently based on my beliefs. Now something else I want to get settled. […]

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