Domestic Abuse: A story of activism

One day our teacher gave us an assignment to start an activist campaign on something that we care about. After much deliberation we still hadn’t chosen a topic. all the topics were either overdone and/or not important to us. We were stumped. Me and my classmates chose to do our activism assignment on Domestic Abuse. This became the perfect solution […]

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Blue Beard Remixed

My story includes a jealous wife who learns the hard way that curiosity definitely killed the cat… I created an animation where the watcher gets to chose a moral decision for a classic fairytale. I chose the story of blue beard because I found it fun that it had such dire consequences. I ended up being able to really switch […]

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The “Lesser of Two Evils”

Hillary Clinton was painted as the lesser of two evils throughout the whole 2016 election. People took the opinion that since she was the lesser of two evils they wouldn’t vote for her because she was still “evil”. The only cons you could find about Hillary her self were that she deleted her email inbox. Sure she used her personal […]

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